Anime Roundtable #67

So after Mike does a final check of the equipment, James begins this week with stories about the Japanese exchange student currently at his place. Then we get to the Japan Foundation lectures at Ryerson and talk about Kaichiro Morikawa’s discussion about the Otaku communities making their own space and how Akihabara changed to accommodate, and comparisons with other social spaces. In the bullets, French and English being French and English, and a not so novel stress relief idea in Akihabara getting a novel twist.

If you listen closely to the intro, you might here Mike giving off something that sounds like a burp in between sentences.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Geoff Greig (2:14:37)

Links of Interest

Kaichiro Morikawa’s Website (Mainly Japanese)
Morikawa’s Paper on Akihabara’s changes
Article on Morikawa’s Venice Exhibit
French teens arrested for stealing video games
Akiba form of stress relief
UK looking to ban all forms of loli

R5 Central
The Japan Xperience


  1. Lady Scaper says:

    About the discussion of Drama CDs,
    for the limited edition for Code Geass, they get the english voice actors to do english versions of the drama CDs on CD. They actually do a decent job. I personally love them and I wish more series would do english versions of drama CDs.

  2. Matt says:

    Another good show guys. Been a joy listening all this time. Just as a side note the transforming robot that Geoff was talking about in the lecture was actually a figure of one of the Macross robots. I got a good laugh out of seeing that reference there.

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