Anime Roundtable #72

After a week off, Mike is so rusty that everything he talked about this week is really a blur. He does remember Megan returning, and quite a bit of the conversation centering on her ex. Then he recalls some stuff about further eManga prospects, and Pirate Bay. And that’s before the bullets, which he can’t…More

Anime Roundtable #71

This week, after complaining about the Toronto transit system and a brief history about SNK (while playing various Samurai Shodown games), we start with two items, one about Amazon and its treatment of mature material, the other about the Philippines and its version of a loli porn ban. In the bullets, James singles out a…More

Anime Roundtable #70

Mike decides to take a week off from taping, and returns after dragging James and Adam to see Dog Sees God, and spends the entire first segment reviewing it and talking about fan fiction in the process. Then we tape the bullets twice because of technical difficulties with Mike’s MacBook, where we talk about Taro…More