Anime Roundtable #70

Mike decides to take a week off from taping, and returns after dragging James and Adam to see Dog Sees God, and spends the entire first segment reviewing it and talking about fan fiction in the process. Then we tape the bullets twice because of technical difficulties with Mike’s MacBook, where we talk about Taro Aso’s economic stimulus plan for Japan (built on straw pillars), threats to mangaka, manga re-releases, and perhaps some High School Panic. Also some further Apple thoughts, and an Easter Carol Mike said he had been searching for.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:54:06)


Links of Interest

Dog Sees God in Toronto (Running until April 18)
Aso’s economic plan and vow to create 500000 jobs
The announcement on the Japanese National Anime Shrine
Website of Matthew Shultz (the Easter Carol guy)

Anime World Order


  1. ACFTM says:

    That was such a fun, intellectual episode… especially all the talk about Dog Sees God. The way you guys went into analyzing the characters, the general thoughts about growing up and high school and teens, and about Snoopy’s death possibly signifying the death of Schultz’s dreamy side — that was very awesome. I would also like to hear Mike sing his thing, he he. Either that song or the other one, lol.

  2. Buster Blader 126 says:

    I saw Dog Sees God a little over two weeks ago, and while something about it just felt “off” for me, I found it to be enjoyable nonetheless.

    I actually heard about this play months ago through reading The Star, but I never did end up remembering the name until Mike brought it up in the podcast. Otherwise, I probably would’ve never went to go see it.

  3. I don’t normally listen to the podcast but I’ll be downloading this episode just for the Dog Sees God talk.

    Out of curiosity, which version of the script did they use in the Toronto edition? I’ve seen the show twice (once during the celebrity cast Off-Broadway run and again when it played DC) and there were a few changes between them…

    Most notably:
    1. The Off-Broadway production had the Red Baron scene
    2. Lucy confirms on the second time that she was bullshitting about the abortion
    3. Whether or not Beethoven calls Matt “pigpen” and if Van’s Sister actually says “You’re a homo, Charlie Brown.”

    #2 was a big one when I took a friend to see the DC run because in New York she tells the story and then he just looks at her and goes “You’re fucking with me again, aren’t you?” and Van’s Sister replies “Oh shit yeah!” whereas she didn’t reply in DC.

    I do think it’s a very good play either way, though.

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