Anime Roundtable #72

After a week off, Mike is so rusty that everything he talked about this week is really a blur. He does remember Megan returning, and quite a bit of the conversation centering on her ex. Then he recalls some stuff about further eManga prospects, and Pirate Bay. And that’s before the bullets, which he can’t recall as this is being written. Mike realizes he’ll have to listen to that again to find out what they were, and suggests you guys do the same too.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Megan Swaine (2:22:42)

Links of Interest

Brent Chittenden’s Appearance on Explore Music on Bite TV (click on episode 15 under “ExploreMusicTV”)
Interview about ComicZeal’s prospects on
Gutenberg Website
Deadliest Warrior Official Website
Pirate Bay Trial Judge in Conflict of Interest?


  1. Geoff says:

    Great episode as always, also nice to have an extra x chromosome in there.

    I thought Mike mentioning Craig Ferguson was cool, but then
    James mentions Gargoyles? Awesome. It’s always kinda nice to hear other people appreciate some of the more fringe things.

  2. Skwerly says:

    Hey Mike, don’t feel bad about mispronouncing “skwerly”. Most people don’t get it right. (Admittedly, I was pretty happy to hear it pronounced correctly. Thanks, Adam!)

    Interestingly, the idea of “auctioning off” artist tables what brought up in a discussion.

    Ideally, it would be great to showcase the best of the best through jurying, but, with a “by fans for fans” con like AN, separating “which artist is better than the other” may most likely cause lots of issues. As mentioned, “geeks are angry” and, judging by past dramas, I fear for the safety of the staff if they are to past judgement on fellow artists. (Should AN hire a “professional artist panel” to jury?)

    I kinda like the 2-tier idea. You can almost “promote” those artists who pass the jury selection to some kind of “guest” status. Still, the success of this depends on the reaction of the community and they can be a desperately ravenous bunch.

    Adam: I could send pictures of myself but I can also easily send photos of the 45-year old that Megan mentioned…

    On another note, beating the crap out of things in Castle Crashers is awesome, especially when partnered with Bi-Polar Bear.

  3. ACFTM says:

    That was a fun listen. I can’t believe it about School Days. I personally hated that series, except for the last episode, ‘cuz the main character got what was coming to him. I now have a greater respect for Higurashi, and now really wish for the PC/PS2 games to get localized.

    The thing about Gargoyles was really interesting. And I remember that episode that James was talking about.

    So… are you guys gonna wear suits for Anime North? lol XD

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