Anime Roundtable #73

So with Anime North about 10 days away, the gang talks about what we’ll be doing there…at the end. But before that, thoughts on the flu (which has now hit the Roundtable), Star Trek, the anime bubble, the vultures around CPM, and Sakura Wars sort of making it to North America. This time sort of in order.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Megan Swaine (2:14:24)



  1. Buster Blader 126 says:

    Apparently, Kevin really is considered to be a very “Asian” name, so says the various people that have mentioned this to me at random.

    I also find it rather amusing that I was lamenting the fact that NTHT was to be rare & expensive, only to have ADV obtaining the rights to release it the week after.

    Hope to see you all at Anime North.

  2. Skwerly says:

    Trying Swine Flu to anime, there was that cancellation of the visual kei group (LM.C) from going to A-Kon:

    Transformers definitely needed more Transformers beating the crap out of each other. (…and at least a mention of the Quintessons when talking about their origins, but you know….)

    Re: Jem
    The thing that amazes me with Jem now is some of the smoothness of the motion of the opening animation. Re watching Jem now, I realized how much “welcome to the business world” lessons there are in it.

    re: Bravestarr
    I just remember being disappointed when I found out that “sweetwater” was watermelon juice.

    (Wasn’t there a tip about not jumping that trench at AnimeNorth?)

  3. Skwerly says:

    …more swine flu to anime “fun” announced May 16:
    Tomokazu Seki, Noriko Hidaka, Keiko Han, Koichi Tsunoda, and Yasuo Yamaguchi cancels appearances at Animazement,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=75&cntnt01origid=54&cntnt01returnid=54

  4. ACFTM says:

    What character did Megan cosplay with the big spatula prop? I’m now curious how that character looks like.

    So if I bring the thing that Courtney mentioned to Anime North, it doesn’t count, ‘cuz I’m a girl? :O *sigh* Another reason I wish I was a guy (just kidding).

    Oh, and another suggestion for Adam’s Space to Rant: some random day during the podcast during break, if Mike is attentive enough, just hit the record button whenever Adam goes on a rant about something. That’s probably where the best rants come from — when it’s not really scripted and it’s something that just has to be said. Just like his thing about Sakura Taisen. And about swine flu and sickness in general.

    It looks like Play-Asia has some of the Sakura Taisen games, but they’re used. If Adam has a PSP, he could try getting Sakura Taisen 1 & 2. I hear the loading times are kinda long for it, though.

    Now I’m really curious about Now and Then, Here and There, lol.

    I’ll see you guys at Anime North XD

    Oh, and thanks for the tip about avoiding “Free hugs” people. The thing about the “Deluxe hugs” is hilarious.

  5. Hisui says:

    I always assumed NIS America picked up Sakura Wars 5 for a song whereas the other Sakura Wars games would have been more expensive to license. As far as I can tell it was by far the least popular game in the series and can be called the game that killed the franchise.

    I myself like Gemini Sunrise as a very silly concept so I look forward to playing the game. Plus if it does well enough they might look into the previous games.

  6. Pedrique says:

    Anyone tried drawing anime/manga characters? Its not easy, but once you get the hang of it it’s wonderfully fun, so many poses and positions!

  7. @Hisui: I agree about Gemini Sunrise. The game is coming out next month right?

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