Anime Roundtable #74

Night number one from Anime North, so of course we start off with first day impressions along with wondering how the H1N1 flu and the recession have affected the attendance numbers. Then we talk a little bit more about elitism and fan behaviour in light of recent incidents. Among the bullets, Capcom releases, publishers getting into the used book trade, and even thoughts on an OVA bringing together some of the more beloved characters in history….while Mike braces himself for the Saturday taping.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Megan Swaine, Geoff Greig (1:31:20)

Links of Interest

In Search of Number Nine: Why Elitist Arguments Suck
Lupin III vs Detective Conan OVA info
Article on Japanese Students getting H1N1 in Canada
Followup article on Students with H1N1


  1. Skwerly says:

    A bunch of people are confused about the name change from Artist Alley to Comic Market. Apparently, AN is trying to encourage the sale of original and fan comics. (They will, however, put the renaming under reconsideration)

  2. Buster Blader 126 says:

    Luckily, I have not run across any traces of elitism at my anime club – at least not yet.

    Also, the Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan special has already aired, so it seems. I’m eagerly awaiting a fansub release of this special.

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