Anime Roundtable #75

So after Adam takes a few drinks, some impressions of day two as well as Adam’s appearance on Bite TV with The Conventioneers. After we talk about the Christopher Handley guilty plea and what it’ll mean in the future. Anime North organizer Norm McEvoy then sits for the bullets segment, talking about Taro Aso with Miss Japan, some Funimation news from other conventions, and even what Japan likes to drink. All this while Adam has his eye on one of the girls in the audience (and you know what that’s likely to mean). The landmark 75th episode at where else…Anime North.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Enrico Bianco, with appearance by Norm McEvoy (2:01:36)

Links of Interest

Here’s Taro Aso’s meeting with Miss Universe Japan…the first thing that’ll jump out at you is the camera work.

ANN update on the Christopher Handley guilty plea
Japan’s favourite “soft drinks
The Peanuts Gang as teenaged manga characters
and as an apology for being late…
The most awesome looking flash drive yet…too bad it’s only in 2GB


  1. Ashley says:

    I really enjoyed being in the audience that night. It was interesting and fun to listen to! Despite the insults and the constant harassment from Adam.

    I’ve bookmarked you guys and am going to link you on my website. Thanks for having me on at the end!


  2. Geoff says:

    It wasn’t nearly as “bad” as ep. 50, but that’s somewhat to be expected I guess. It was actually a really solid and surprisingly coherent and on topic (for there not being a specific topic) episode. Always really nice to hear from Norm as well. Things went really smoothly this year it seems great work as always everyone.

  3. Dj City says:

    it was a great show for what I could be there for. it kinda sucks that the room mics failed agine. I will find a way to make them work. but all and all good 2 shows.

  4. Buster Blader 126 says:

    One quasi-amusing moment in the taping was when Adam was mentioning how he was brought onto the taping to be drunk while talking shit, and Norm was actually in the room, raising his eyebrows at Adam.

    The “cumslut” moments were quite humourous, too. At the beginning, I was wondering if she was going to leave at some point. *remembers when various women left the room during the Ep. 50 taping*

    I wasn’t able to watch all of it, but I had a nice time at both tapings.

  5. Ashley says:

    Cumslot doesn’t back down from a fight =P

    I saw the flash drive at the end of the post just now! That’s so awesome!!

  6. Skwerly says:

    Maybe Ashley will consider doing an entire roundtable segment? :3

    Mike, so, I guess that’s why it was ok to snap a photo of me in cosplay because of my age? 😉 It was nice seeing you and your sister again.

  7. Okina says:

    Skwerly, kind of helps that I know you too. But speaking personally there always was a general discomfort in asking a complete stranger to pose for a photo. But at my age now, there’s another dimension added to that discomfort.

    Oh for reference, I’ve made it a point not to show the photo to Adam…so he still has no clue what you might look like.

  8. Ashley says:

    Skwerly I don’t think I’d be of much use on an entire segment. I don’t talk too often heh

  9. Skwerly says:

    Mike: heh…yeah, there’s that knowing each other for about 10 years now? I think I can still get away with taking photos. As for not showing Adam the photo of me, probably for the best; you don’t want to scare him or anything. XD

    Ashley: aww. oh well. ^^;;

  10. Okina says:

    I was looking at the Charlie Brown manga pics and realized there wasn’t one of Schroeder, PigPen, and Franklin. And I’ve seen that one too. I found it here though.

  11. Dj City says:

    Ashley: I think you make a good guest after all if you can handle Adam I thing you make a good guest on anime roundtable.

  12. Buster Blader 126 says:

    That would be interesting to see indeed.

    Upon listening to the episode again, while I personally have no problem with the multitude of English voice actors as guests every year, I have to agree with part of Adam’s talk about having Japanese guests. For such a big convention, I find it rather saddening that only one Japanese guest is obtained per year, let alone the number of guests that even come to Canada. I don’t know if it’s due to the con being fan-run, lack of connections, lack of funds, or for whatever legitimate reason. But since Canada/Toronto only tends to get one Japanese guest a year (2-3 if we’re lucky – I’m going to assume that Buzz Aldrin was the reason why there was no Japanese guest last year at Fan Expo), seeing another Japanese guest at Anime North in the future would be pretty nice.

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