Anime Roundtable #76

In this episode, allergies hit the roundtable so hard that it knocks out one of them. Unfortunately for Mike, he wasn’t one of those hit. Therefore he has no excuse for taking almost two weeks to put this up. In this episode, which was already outdated at the time of taping, we talk about further fallout from the Handley case, Funimation taking One Piece out of streaming, EVA 1.0’s North American Theatrical release, and the great CPM auction. We’ll even go non anime with Apple’s moves at the WWDC and the death of a legendary Japanese Pro Wrestler. Taped on June 16.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Megan Swaine, with James Chow (1:51:30)



  1. Geoff says:

    Great episode as always guys. It was also cool to finally have James make a cameo, even if it was barely a speaking role.

    Random observation; I think Mike swore on air more in this episode than he has in the last year of the podcast at least. XD

  2. Dj City says:

    i think this podcast is the first time we heard mike swear at all. good show too bad the feed not been updated on itunes…whatch this the feed will be updated very soon :p

  3. ACFTM says:

    I’m a fan of Junko Mizuno. I really like how her stuff is pretty mature — like there’s open nudity and stuff — but it’s done in a style that at first glance, most people would think is for a younger audience. I didn’t go to that thing, though, ‘cuz her kind of art doesn’t really fit with my “scene” — cutesy gothic loli — I might have stood out and have gotten some weird looks. =P

    If I go to Anime North next year, I would definitely book a room at the Renaissance. Otherwise, I would never check out anything there. ^.^” The locations are really too spread apart, in my opinion, especially for fans who are interested in everything.

  4. Skwerly says:

    I remember Smurf village and how sad I was when they told me I was to old to enter it and then, years later, I found out it was gone. Oh well. I still do go to the Ex every year. In recent years, I go mostly for the (junk) food. I’ve eaten things there that I’ve decided to never eat again: deep-fried Mars bar on a stick comes to mind.

    As for the Junko Mizuno exhibit, I wanted to go. Her works are interesting in terms of how her characters & her take on classic tales are this twisted juxtaposition of cute+grotesque. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend; too busy with prepping for FanExpo and a wedding stuff.

  5. Walt says:

    Everyone must be busy or sick. No episode for a long time. Could be Fan Expo preparation could be keeping everyone busy. Looking forward to next show.

  6. Okina says:

    Not really Walt since I won’t really be seeing much of Fan Expo. I’d say it’s more just summer….and the fact that we did tape episode 77 about a month ago and I’m still recovering from it…

    When if finally goes up (sic), you’ll know why.

  7. Geoff says:

    If it requires more recovery time than episode 50 I have to wonder what exactly went on. I look forward to it regardless. Hope your summer has been a good one aside(?) from that.

  8. Dj City says:

    I wounder if we need adam to push mike to release it hehehe

  9. Buster Blader 126 says:

    I don’t think it’ll require a wait time as long as Episode 50; the segments that I was around for really didn’t seem all THAT raunchy to me.

    It’s the first 20 or so minutes (that I missed) that I’m interested in hearing. XD

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