Anime Roundtable #77

So after almost a year, the Roundtable comes out of hiding at Anime North. In the return episode, the group shoots the breeze talking about cosplay as an indicator of what’s still popular, convention going at AN, culture shocks as an anime fan after being in Japan, and how times have passed with the end of clubs and the death of a pioneer. Well that’s what we talk about in terms of relevant stuff…but longtime listeners know how this really goes. All presented in one long take.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Geoff Greig, Angela Jordan (1:52:30)



  1. The Dark Duc says:

    After listening to this episode, I could not understand why nearly all the attendees left.

    In my point of view, this episode covered important events and news from where this podcast left off in June 2009: Carl Macek’s passing, Funimation’s edits of Dance of the Vampire Bund and much more that I cannot think of during writing this. I’m really looking forward to the next episode about more industry related discussions and observations and, of course, Adam Grant’s take on the Handley case.

    I would like to thank you very much for the heartwarming anecdotes from everyone at the end! Especially from an anime podcast. Speaking of aspects beyond anime like journeys abroad or life in general. Today I learned that: Go abroad and that there is more in life than anime/manga/etc. It was really encouraging.

    I hope that the end of Anime North does not bring this podcast to another halt. I also hope that Adam Grant can take part in this Round Table more often again. Or does the TATANS project, and since he is married now, mean that he will be less often on this podcast? I really like his own podcast, but I would like to see his views on anime as well.

  2. Buster Blader 126 says:

    The podcast was pretty under the radar this time around – Mike didn’t really advertise this, plus there was that whole 11-month hiatus. You also tend to have less people at the con on the Friday vs. the Saturday.

    I was there for an hour, but I had to leave early for personal reasons. It was nice to hear a new episode after so long, especially live.

    And I also love how you’ve seemingly written off the REAL Episode 77 out of existence, Mike. XD

  3. bozz says:

    Glad to hear you’re back in business with the podcast. I just learned yesterday that it gone on hiatus… So is this the start of a new beginning, I hope?

  4. Megan says:

    RE: Karl Macek
    I feel the same way about the DIC dub of Sailor Moon- childish as it may have been, it was instrumental in introducing anime to many people.

    It’s probably worth noting that Johnny Young Bosch was also in a low, LOW budget film called “Wicked Game”, which had a terrible plot and the most impressive stunts I’ve ever seen. Bosch did all of his own stunts in the film- which at one point involved sliding/running down the side of a cliff, jumping about 10-15 feet and then landing in the back of a pick-up truck.

  5. Dj City says:

    nice to see you come back from Podfading. liked your latest ep less anime and more about life kinda odd, but good to hear. looking forward to ep 78 if it makes it way out of the editor room to the net.

  6. Skwerly says:


    …aww, thanks Mike! (…you know I’m just a call away so if you want to get together, let us know!) The Godannar/Gundam tiered cake was actually the groom’s cake and the croquembouche, the wedding cake. Apparently, one of illintent’s uncles swiped a couple Gundam! XD (Later, he sheepishly asked illintent if it was ok!)

    Yes, I did cosplay as Mio (K-on!) last year. The series reminds me of when I was playing the bass guitar in jr. high. This year I had people pointing and laughing at me all Saturday. XD

    I do understand the loving of the convention more so than anime series. This year, our table was clumped with a bunch of friends (2 planned and 2 unplanned). It was hilariously fun!

    Also, I’ve noticed over the years and going to the Thursday art jams that, the participating artists have become more open and relaxed with each other, whether you’re a new artist or returning artist.

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