6ixTalk – Anime Roundtable v2.0 #9 – May 17 2019

Today’s secret word is “icon”

So after struggling to open our ramune and partake in some Japanese snacks, Mike tells a story about giving a ramune to Veronica Taylor at FanExpo more than 15 years ago (4:55), we acknowledge the New Japanese Emperor and what lies ahead in the Reiwa Era (12:55) and how that name is linked with an adult visual novel (24:20). Then we get to the heart of the episode with our International Fan Festival report (25:32), the screening of Fate/Stay Heavens Feel with Mike making observations living up to his nickname and Japanese guests being incognito in Toronto (33:10). Thoughts on the scheduling of events and autographs (41:30), the Fate/Stay actors talk show (49:00) and recording session (51:00). Ayako Kawasumi’s Q&A (58:05), thoughts on Mecha Ude and crowdfunding productions (1:04:50), Kevin at the IFF Anisong concert Saturday evening (1:09). And did Crunchyroll fuel the video rooms through an offline HD (1:19:45)? And IFF’s spot in a landscape that includes an institution like Anime North (1:20:55)

Then we turn to James and Kevin’s excellent TCAF adventure…and if you thought autograph chasing was hard at IFF and AN (1:36:45). And the bullets, Crunchyroll picking up some Discotek titles (1:55:10), an impression of the first episode of the new Fruits Basket anime (1:59:05), the trailer for Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie Weathering with You (2:10:05), and Moh finally talks about seeing the Code Gease movie (2:12:20). Then we end off by previewing Anime North (2:19:50), with more Nominoichi from trying to get into the Nominoichi (2:25:10). Come join us for a live taping of the Roundtable on Friday and Saturday night at AN

Wow that was long…but not as long as Avengers: Endgame

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Mohamed Sharmarke, Kevin Ng


Links of Interest

Trailer for Makoto Shinkai newest movie “Weathering With You”

Mecha Ude Official Pilot

Reiwa also refers to what??!!

Lumican – Canadian distributor of Lumica lightsticks

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