6ixTalk – Anime Roundtable v2.0 #11 – May 25 2019

On our second night at Anime North, we’re joined by Jesse Betteridge from the Zannen Canada Podcast. He gives his impressions of Anime North, as well as recap his panels at the convention (3:40). Then we get into a longer discussion about the Anime convention scenes in both Toronto and Vancouver, and what to maybe expect from the International Fan Festival as they attempt to settle into Toronto (Vancouver’s Anime Revolution is put on by the same group). Also Jesse makes some very interesting observations between Anime North and Anime Evolution, the former Vancouver convention, and how Anime North isn’t too big on having too much of an industry presence (20:20). 

That sets up Norm McEvoy’s annual appearance, which explains a few things. In addition Norm reminices about AN’s early days, and how it became the institution on Dixon Rd, and likely why it works there (1:03:25). Norm also remembers Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer and his influence on Japanese Pro Wrestling and Pop Culture (1:18:35). Then to end it off, Kevin gives a promo for the Toronto Japanese Film Festival. And Mike previews the sit down conversation with Fred Schodt (taped earlier in the day) , which will be put up very soon (1:52:56)

Mike Nicolas, Jesse Betteridge, Kevin Ng, with James Austin

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Email: animeroundtable@gmail.com

Twitter: @animeroundtable

Links of Interest

The Zannen Canada Podcast

YouTube Channel: Mikerphone

YouTube Channel: Mega Jay Retro

Japan Times article on the death of Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer

Toronto Japanese Film Festival

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