6ixTalk – Anime Roundtable Presents – A Conversation with Frederik L. Schodt – May 25 2019

Legendary Manga Translator Fred Schodt honours us by becoming our first major guest to do the Roundtable in this special sit down taped last Saturday afternoon at Anime North

We begin with Fred and Mike looking back on his first visit to Anime North back in 1998 (the second one), and a panel they did together about History in Anime and Manga. And how Mike first told him about Rurouni Kenshin during that panel (3:30)

Then Fred talks a little bit about the honours he has received from the Japanese Emperor (Order of the Rising Sun: Gold Rays and Rosette) and the Japan Foundation, and how in receiving the latter he ended up meeting now Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako a year and a half ago, and how he was a fan of Astroboy (9:05)

We then start to talk about two of his Anime North panels, first about his friendship with Astroboy’s creator, Osamu Tezuka relaying a few stories about him (17:35)

Then we talk about his panel about the Four Immigrants Manga which he published in 1998 (around the time of his first AN appearance). Fred gives a quick biography of Henry Kiyama, how he came across his work, and how he became very close friend’s with the Kiyama family. Also we talk about the recent musical adaptation of the book (24:50). In the process of the conversation Mike recalls some stories of his own grandfather (34:27)

We then give a preview of Fred’s final panel about his own thoughts on manga translation, the history, and where it stands today. Which we’ll talk about in episode 12 (38:32). Mike then brings up Fred’s lecture at the Japan Foundation after AN ’98 on the actual manga culture in Japan then, and what it might be like today in light of digital consumption (40:21)

The conversation then ends off with Fred’s reaction to seeing Anime North 21 years later as we watched con goers pass by the AN Office’s Display room (52:00). And Mike gives a final thank you by telling Fred about another story as he gave him a stamp commemorating the Vancouver Asahi baseball team, which we mentioned back in episode 8 (58:10)

Mike Nicolas and James Austin. With Special Guest Frederik L Schodt

Web: animeroundtable.com
Email: animeroundtable@gmail.com
Twitter: @animeroundtable

Links of Interest

Fred Schodt’s Personal Webpage

Translation of Love by Lynn Katsutake (the historical fiction novel mentioned by Mike about Japanese-Canadian Internment Camps)

Fred’s page about the Four Immigrants Manga

The Promotional Video for The Four Immigrants: An American Musical Manga

Interview with playwright Min Kahng, the creator of the Four Immigrants Musical

Canada Post page on the Vancouver Asahi Stamp


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