6ixTalk – Anime Roundtable v2.0 #12 – July 6 2018

After more than a month off, and a Wendy’s and Tims run, and a week after this was actually taped, we’re finally back with this quick episode on the hottest day in Toronto yet. We start by looking back on Anime North and the Fred Schodt interview (3:33), and his last panel about his view on manga translation (11:35). Then we talked about our take on the ups and downs of Anime North’s strict fan run angle (24:53). Next we give our take on a few aspects of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Netflix premier, from the music (31:20), the new English Dub (33:52), and the translation of one specific scene (37:20). Finally we preview digest #3 in hopes of digesting AX, including Kevin’s reaction upon hearing Harmony Gold’s renewal of their Macross license (51:37), and a final We The North moment (58:25)

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke

Web: animeroundtable.com
Email: animeroundtable@gmail.com
Twitter: @animeroundtable

Links of interest to come

Zannen Canada Podcast ep.57

On the Netflix Translation of EVA pt 1

On the Netflix Translation of EVA pt 2


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