6ixTalk – Anime Roundtable v2.0 #15 – November 8 2019

There’s a lot to catch up on in two months. But we start way off topic with talking about the sports talk shows that were in the inspirations for the Roundtable with a brief history of sports and radio broadcasting in Toronto (4:50). Then we actually start talking anime, and the limited theatrical release of Promare in late September, and the gang’s individual experiences in going out to see it and the extra interviews at the end (31:21), and Mike’s thoughts as to fire being a recent theme in anime especially in light of the Kyoto Animation Fire and the culture of fire fighting and prevention (58:24)

In the Bullets Segment, we talk about more recent thoughts on the Cowboy Bebop live action (1:15:03), Rei Tanaka’s Anime Central Announcement…oh and her upcoming photo book (1:20:38), two shows that caught Mike’s attention on Netflix recently (1:28:00), Overwatch 2 with Toronto mentioned as a map (1:33:26), James and Mike give some thoughts on things worth watching including a Sherlock adaptation and an NHK World music show (1:46:33), and Kevin suggestions one final movie screening (2:02:20). And finally we give our reactions as IFF 2020 announces their first guest (2:04:45)

Hopefully we’re all caught up until December

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng

Links of Interest

Since we briefly mentioned it. The Reel Asian Film Festival

Bob McCown signs off for final time

Erin Davis’ book about loss

ESPN Tribute to John Saunders

The Toronto Mike’d Podcast

NHK Page Roots of Tokyo: Edo City of Fire

Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop Trailer

Rei Tanaka Does a Photoshoot

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 Promo

Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories Season Two Trailer

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