6ixTalk – Anime Roundtable Special – The Lockdown Interview – May 15 2020

The head man behind Anime Lockdown, JP joins the Roundtable for an all encompasing chat on the online convention’s aftermath (6:07), the idea of doing the convention and things that happened during it, the merits and quirks of an “online convention” (10:30), and get JP’s thoughts on the other online shows about to happen (58:55). After the break we talked a little bit about the Geek Eire guys’ involvement – aka one of our three listeners – in Lockdown (1:19:40), and then reminiced about the early days of anime podcasting (1:22:40), and how enjoying content has changed (1:34:10), and the ultimate question as to a second Lockdown and what to look forward to in the YouTube channel (1:47:00), and we’ll end with a final thought for the Anime North that won’t happen this year (2:01:55) 

All this coming in at a whopping two plus hours (not under two as Mike first thought). We were more likely boring and not brief, but it certainly wasn’t the longest episode we’ve done

Mike, James, Kevin, Mohamed, with special guest JP from Anime Lockdown


Links of Interest

Anime Lockdown on Twitter

Anime Lockdown on YouTube

Official Announcement of Momiji’s Online Experience (Anime North’s Online Show)

Ani-Gamers Podcast – Anime Lockdown Review

Geek Eire Podcast on Spotify


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