Anime Roundtable v2.0 #25 – October 1 2020

Mike noticed something in the Sailor Moon entry on the Crave streaming service in Canada, and plays a game of connecting the dots with Zannen Canada host Jesse Betteridge. The dots lead to a plausible story behind the acquisition, and the hope that there could be more anime to come to Crave. Jesse specifically talks about Wow Unlimited, their history in North American TV animation, and how they fit into this with Bell and Crave (5:50). In the process we also tell the story of how one of Wow’s VPs tweeted curiosity in acquiring some anime properties  along with telling the story of other major streaming services in Canada and the fallout on the failure of one of them (15:30). We talk the positives of Wow possibly putting more anime on Crave, including how Sailor Moon’s appearance on it trended in Canada (22:45). And basically tells you the importance of placing anime on a major streaming service, especially in Canada (27:40). Then we read more into all this and really begin to connect the dots and mention a wishlist for the future (34:05). And eventually how it might be important to think of anime as something not just for anime fans, and how Sailor Moon broke through that barrier for many (44:00)

53:03 – Promo: Skeleton House – So one of the “subjects” of this lets play podcast was actually a long time listener from way back in the Comic Den Era. He asked about promoting their nice little show with us, and sent us this. My basic fear is what will happen when the test subjects are released into the rest of the world. Well at least you can find out what happened before they wreacked havoc

We begin the second block by giving follow up thoughts on the Sailor Moon conversation with Jesse by giving our impressions of WOW Unlimted (54:05), with Mike giving a very quick history lesson concerning Bell’s acquisitions which set up the situation now (55:55), and we talk about where we hope and think this will go next (1:01:35). Then Moh talks about being one of the last people in the Greater Toronto Area to actually go to a movie theatre, seeing Akira in 4k (1:11:55). After, we give a COVID19 update for this part of the world (1:23:24). We talk more movie adaptations based on video games like Super Mario, Sonic, and Yakuza, the market and the involvement of the original creative forces (1:29:51). And finally, Mike and James talk a little more Pure Invention among other items on their to do lists (1:46:47)

For this week’s drinking game: take a shot everytime you hear the Rogers media sound, any mention of Mario Lopez, and Kevin’s niece

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, with Jesse Betteridge and Mohamed Sharmarke 

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