Anime Roundtable v2.0 #27 – October 31 2020

We Start this week talking about Halloween’s past and how Halloween present is different this year…because 2020

4:27 – Kevin’s downtown book spree. And a talk about the legendary comic and sci-fi shops (and strip clubs) in the area. And how that’s not really a coincidence

17:17 – Mike looks back after finishing the Kimagure Orange Road manga, and previews the Kat Callahan chat and her memories of creator Izumi Matsumoto 

25:04 – James and Kevin went to watch Lupin III in theatres and live to tell the experience. And James predicts how the next anticipated anime movie release might be a little more of a pandemic issue

32:12 – Sony to purchase Crunchyroll? Some of the logic to the whole thing from a number of different angles. The worry of some titles getting lost in the mix. And how fan reaction is across the board

56:10 – Promo: Skeleton House Podcast

57:12 – Mike’s further fun with the iPhone 12 and Apple Store customer service

1:00:39 – Netflix’s Anime Presentation. How their Japanese operations have bore good fruit. Some of the titles that were announced. And that there can always be more to ask for

1:24:46 – Amazon being sued over ownership of digital files. And memories of how Amazon went 1984 with, well 1984 on the Kindle about a decade ago. The ongoing merit of purchasing digital files and enjoying them long term with evolving technologies (ie Sony’s updated Playstation Store and taking out PS3, PSP, and Vita games), and the generational rift between younger and older consumers

1:38:33 – Mike previews NHK World’s Songs of Tokyo Festival 2020 and gives a little background

1:42:04 – Kimagure Orange Road picked up on RetroCrush. James gives their background

1:47:20 – Looking ahead to the first week of November. And a quick rememberance of Sean Connery

This week’s drinking game, take a shot everytime a sound effect is used…then see if you’re sober enough to recognize which sound effect is repeated

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke

Links of Interest

Harry Tarantula website

Humble Bundle Horror Manga Bundle (Ends on Nov 4)

Why it’s Hard to Find a Burger King in Australia

Peter Payne on the Death of Izumi Matsumoto

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