Anime Roundtable Special Edition: Remembering Izumi Matsumoto and Kimagure Orange Road – October 30 2020


Writer and journalist Kat Callahan talks with Mike to share her memories of Kimagure Orange Road creator Izumi Matsumoto, and swap stories of being fans of his signature title. All the while explaining how it influenced her life

5:33 – Remembering the first time Kat and Mike saw KOR, and how it played into North American fandom in the 90s. Plus, how her awareness of the open interpretation of fan translations drove her to actually learn Japanese

19:19 – A comparison between Kimagure Orange Road and The Wonder Years

21:45 – A quick examination of both the anime and manga versions of Kimagure Orange Road. And how your view changes depending on whether you saw the anime, or read the manga first (basically the same events being told from different perspectives and contexts)

Then Kat discusses a noteworthy aspect of each of the main characters

30:33 – Kyosuke’s age and how the burden of his family’s ESP abilities really do drive every aspect of his motivations, personality, and ultimately his emotional evolution

38:54 – Hikaru, and how there are different versions of her in the anime and manga. And how those different versions were established fairly early in the stories

47:26 – Finally, Madoka. Her possibly being biracal, a thought on Schrodinger’s Ethnicity. And how her pedegree with her high profile family leads to a burden of expectations of which she has her issues with. And how Japanese and non-Japanese would view all of that

57:35 – A thought on the Kasuga twins and Yusaku. Their roles in the anime and manga versions of the story, and how they impact Hikaru in particular, whether Matsumoto liked it or not

1:07:50 – On the Shin Kimagure Orange Road light novel and movie, and arguements as for why it should and shouldn’t be acknowledged in the KOR canon. Mainly thumbs up on the music, thumbs up for what it did for Hikaru, and thumbs down on how it was a step back for the other characters. 

1:15:18 – And how because of ShinKOR, Kat believed how Matsumoto would have continued the KOR story if he could have

1:22:56 – Kat on being Matsumoto’s liason at Katsucon in 2012. And dealing with his manager

1:30:44 – On Matsumoto’s awareness of his overseas fans. With a further thought on KOR’s legacy in developing wider anime fandom

1:36:33 – On the legacy of Matsumoto’s actual stories. A thought on some of his lesser known works, the stories his poor health prevented him from ever telling, and perhaps the pressure he felt to make more works after the success of KOR

1:44:53 – One final question and the wrap up

Mike Nicolas with guest Kat Callahan

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