Anime Roundtable v2.0 #29 – November 28 2020

We spend the entire first segment of the show on COVID related stuff. But it is puncuated by James and Moh channelling their inner Harold and Kumar by going a good hour and a half west, jumping regions/counties, all to cop a feel of heaven with a viewing of the third Fate/Stay movie in a London Ontario theatre (9:36), some quick thoughts on the movie itself (23:25). And how nice it would be to have a streaming option in pandemic times, the issues with having that, and other notable anime theatrical releases in 2020 (28:25)

Mike starts the second segment by asking for other podcast promos, and asking for ideas for a new piece of intro music for the show (41:38). The rest of the segment was a variety of things that caught our attention. Some of it related to past episodes

44:37 – Kickstarter backers have started to recieve Angela’s comic, The Moonstone Diadem. Three of us give our initial impressions

46:54 – We save some words for the passings of Kirby Morrow and Diego Maradona

57:55 – James and Kevin sink their teeth into the sale of Simon and Schuster to Penguin Random House, and the issues likely to come with it

1:07:07 – James talks a little bit of Anime Matsuri and three panels that caught his attention, on J-Novel and its history and upcoming direction, Mike Toole’s Dubs that Time Forgot, and the Cybercity documentary

1:16:50 – Mike suggests the Japan Foundation New York’s past presentations on Japanese Pop Culture, and upcoming ones commemorating the tenth anniversary of the death of Satoshi Kon December 12. And a “Film Festival Plus” which will be highlighted by a panel discussion featuring Frederick Schodt and Matt Alt on December 5. This on the heels of the release of Schodt’s latest book. Then he brings up the Japan Foundation Toronto’s Film Festival featuring “The Long Goodbye”, and “Koshien”

1:22:25 – We come back to the Wired article on Netflix and anime and briefly talk a little more about the potential influence of the Netflix algorithm (which is the part that has been talked about on social media)

1:26:47 – On the topic of Netflix, Mike makes a recommendation for Samurai Gourmet and The Many Faces of Ito before watching Great Pretender next

1:32:48 – Moe and Kevin remember Tony Hsieh

1:34:52 – Kevin comes back to the Simon and Schuster story

1:40:12 – And Kevin makes a recommendation for Shonan Junai Gumi manga (the GTO prequel)

This week’s drinking game: take a shot with every algorithm/monolith joke

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke

Links of Interest

Come Visit Utah…and the Monolith…

Google Play Cyber Monday Sale

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