Anime Roundtable v2.0 #30 – December 12 2020

On the week of the perhaps the single biggest industry story of 2020, we decide to start with looking back on things we recommended in previous episodes

3:02 – Mike and James looks back on the Japan Foundation New York’s conversation between Fred Schodt and Matt Alt on Japanese Robots

17:22 – Looking back on the legacy of Satoshi Kon

21:22 – After watching them over the last 24 hours, Mike makes a pitch for the two Japanese movies shown by the Japan Foundation Toronto, Koshien: Japan’s Field of Dreams (Touch and Princess Nine aren’t far fetched); and A Long Goodbye. While singling out two of the stars of the latter movie Yu Aoi and Yuko Takeuchi and their links to other things previously mentioned on this show

29:58 – Then we get to the top story of the week with confirmation of Sony/Funimation’s acquisition of Crunchyroll from Warnermedia. We try to take things into some perspective, the positives and drawbacks, and thoughts for other industry players for the future

1:02:35 – We preview our appearance on the Zannen Canada Podcast with Jesse Betteridge

1:05:19 – Mike gives a COVID Canada update which leads to…

1:07:35 – Anime Dallas…and why did it happen? Because…2020. Of course there’s fallout from it

1:18:30 – Funimation app now on Nintendo Switch

1:23:25 – Seven Seas picks up a Monkey Punch memorial edition of the Lupin III manga

1:29:24 – Our watch and read lists. The Silver Spoon Manga, the Sweat and Soap manga, and The Great Pretender anime (and will the song be the new “Fly me To The Moon”)

This week’s drinking game: Take a shot in order to answer the bell

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng

Links of Interest

Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender

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