Anime Roundtable v2.0 #32 – January 9 2021

Oh you’ll like where this reference comes in later

We get a New Year’s surprise as Geoff rejoins the Roundtable for the first time in almost three years (and second time in version two). And in his return, he and Kevin give their extensive thoughts on the Matt Alt appearance (4:20):

7:20 – Kevin pitches his feelings of Demon Slayer’s success in North America

20:10 – A thought on video game translations. And how contradictory the pay in that part of game production is, compared to the pay of other parts of the industry. And how sometimes you get what you pay for, and how that would affect the final product. And a larger discussion between translations and localizations, and maybe trying too hard

31:13 – Geoff tries to explain City Pop music to Mike, and the fairly recent introduction of other genre terms in Japanese Music to english listeners

34:56 – Mike finally dives into the topic that really wasn’t talked about much in the Matt Alt conversation. The link between Japanese message boards like 2ch and 4ch and the Alt-Right phenomenon in the West. And tries to explain the basics of it in a few minutes…and at best gets a C for the effort. And relate all of that to the events on the Capitol in Washington a few days before. And a few thoughts, with Western fans and their difficulty in reconciling some of the unsavoury parts of Japanese society, and line between media filtering and gatekeeping. And some of the ironies of being overprotective

57:55 – And Mike finally gives his own feelings as to the approach to the Matt Alt episode. And how the guests in version two have changed the overall DNA of the Roundtable. With Kevin and Geoff giving their overall impressions on Alt himself

1:06:13 – Promo: Ichimon Japan – Japan Kyo is a blog with a collection of podcasts on…well you know. But the premise of this one in particular (a deep dive on a single question) is quirky enough, and worth a listen to understand some of the cultural concepts that more often than not would be seen in the anime and manga we do watch

After the break we begin the Bullets Segment (1:07:40)

1:08:02 – Kevin has another “Say it ain’t so” moment in talking about the arrest of manga translator Stefan Koza on child pornography charges. And the usual domino effect of his alleged crimes, especially since this isn’t the first such transgression for him

1:13:12 – Shueisha going all out on copyright claims and the reactions from fans. With it coinciding with stronger Japanese copyright laws going into affect. And some thoughts from past attempts to thwart piracy in Japan

1:17:55 – Studio Khara asking people to stop making lewd fan art of Evangelion characters. With Geoff giving thoughts with watching Eva for the first time ever on Netflix. With some Pure Invention points on the upside of the doujinshi world in the industry

1:25:25 – Then we beat on a dead horse coming back to the Netflix translating story of Evangelion a few years ago, basically doubling down on our feelings on that. Especially in light of Matt Alt’s words on translations. With Geoff giving a nuanced thought on the line. And more thoughts on spoilers and prequels

Then Mike plays some modest and sometimes far fetched thoughts in a possible new segment

1:39:18 – Mike proposes the idea of a Shonen Jump Cinematic Universe

1:47:11 – Coming back to Anime North…will it happen this year even with the re-scheduling this year. Along with a COVID update for Ontario, with a conversation we need to have as the pandemic reaches a crucial stage

1:55:15 – Finally, an update on our watching and reading queues

This week’s drinking game: Take a shot everytime Mike cites rap lyrics

Mike Nicolas, Kevin Ng, Geoff Greig

*Opening Theme provided by Scott Holmes Music*

Links of Interests

We brought up Attack on Titan. Humble Bundle has a big eBook offer going if you’re a fan. You can get up to vol 26 at a very good price so its might be worth checking out

Matt Alt’s Appearance on Why Come Japan. Which delved into 4chan and its dark undertones
Final Fantasy VII commercials from 1997

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