Anime Roundtable v2.0 #33 – January 23 2021

We went five around the virtual table for the first time in a few years. And we start off with the COVID update and remember Larry King and Hank Aaron before getting down to business (2:30)

15:31 – Mike and James look back on the Matt Alt interview. Most notably the preparation and how Mike made it more harder than it needed to be

20:49 – James gives his further thoughts on the last chapter of Pure Invention (the link between fandom and the alt-right), and Mike’s attempt to explain it last time. With a post inauguration update

Then the big story for us this week

26:23 – Wattpad to be sold to Naver (Webtoon and LINE) for more than $600 million US. Mike begins by looking back on his early experiences with the Wattpad and Webtoon apps. And draws a parallel with another tech company that was founded and still based in Toronto

29:44 – Geoff gives the Webtoon side. And talks about visiting the Wattpad HQ a few years back, and how it differs from other sites known for fan fiction. And wonders what there is within Wattpad that would make it appealing for such a deal

35:45 – A talk about the apps and culture in terms of digital comics and graphic novels. And how digital changes the actual comic reading experience. And wonder how it impacts independent creators

46:00 – Somemore anecdotal observations on the digital printed and comic space in the the everyday world

Promo – Anime World Order (52:29): You wonder what the future holds to the original set of anime podcasts from back during the first days of the podcast world. Regardless, AWO was always the pioneer of the anime podcast space (even though we know it isn’t the biggest one now)

Then the Bullets Segment

54:12 – Shuesha denying anything to do with the copyright takedown notices we talked about last episode

57:48 – Earwig and the Witch, Studio Ghibli’s first CG film and how much of an adjustment we’re bracing for, especially in comparison to CG experiences that both viewers and studios are more familiar with. And a further discussion on both the theatrical release, and premium online and exclusive releases in light of the pandemic

1:17:53 – Expiring Anime properties on Amazon Prime Video. A sign of things to come in terms of Anime on Prime Video? And why this may not be the worse thing for the titles involved

1:25:12 – James and Mohamed play the “Yes/No” game that Mike started last episode

1:34:49 – McDonalds promotion with the Touch manga for their Chicken sandwiches to commemorate both the 30th anniversary of the McDonalds Chicken burgers in Japan, and the 40th anniversary of the Touch Manga

1:38:05 – An update on everyone’s reading and watching queue. And a recommedation for the Attack on Titan Humble Bundle eBook deal

This week’s drinking game: Take a shot whenever Mike makes fun of being old

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, and Geoff Greig

Links of Interest to Come

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