Anime Roundtable v2.0 #35 – February 13 2021

I mean nothing says both Valentines and Lunar New Year at the same time more than Sakura and Li does it?

We begin the Lunar New Year and Valentines Day edition with some thoughts on the earthquake that had hit Eastern Japan earlier in the day. Then we get around to talking about the Canadian leg of the Japan Film Festival Plus put on by the Japan Foundation Toronto (8:20). With some talk on the following movies

10:25 – Tuskiji Wonderland. A snapshot of life and a quick history of the famous fish market before its closure in 2018

17:00 – Kickheart. Animated short, kind of short of real story, but a real experiment and expression of art

18:55 – Tokyo Marble Chocolate. An animated story from 2007. Mike tries to explain why it fell flat to him

23:11 – Gon the Little Fox. Mike tries to explain the only stop motion he saw

23:52 – Kevin laments missing out on seeing 0.5mm

24:58 – Tremble in Your Heart. A comedy drama about an introverted extrovert woman who’s insecurities play out when faced with a romance for the first time. And how the main character would have looked as an anime character

28:50 – Stolen Identity. The only suspence thriller in the festival. Mike in explaining it also drops a little trivia on some of its stars and where you may have seen them before

32:00 – Project Dreams How to Build Project Z’s Hanger. How would anime aspects be pulled off in real life? From the internal politics, to mech. And an often humourous, but sometimes sad realization of how our fandom and fantisies have leaked into our everyday lives

35:55 – Railways. A mid life crisis drama of a corporate executive who, after some personal setbacks, moves back to his hometown to pursue his childhood of dream of being a train driver

38:05 – We end of our talk on the festival expressing hopes to be able to see the movies again outside of a special event setting (ie domestic streaming or “to own” options). And some of the technical issues in doing so online

Then we give some thoughts of Discotek’s world premier of the Memories English dub (42:50)

43:53 – James praises Discotek’s use of their Twitch channel. And goes further on the care given to the production of the English track, and why doing that was important (mainly for the purpose of historical posterity)

45:53 – A quick history of Discotek English dubs. With a quick lookback on the actual dub production in pandemic times

53:00 – James praises the localization details in the english dialogue

55:18 – Geoff recognizing some of the english voices as people he would have heard in shows he watched when he was younger. And his respect as to why Discotek showed it on Twitch the way they did

59:48 – James looks ahead to the eventual Blu Ray release and going back to how Discotek has handled their promotions during the pandemic

1:02:28 – Kevin and Geoff give some thoughts on Saint Seiya and its popularity in Latin America. With the others wondering about shows that have particular popularity in different regions and countries and…

1:06:48 – How Sailor Moon would be that for Canada. And how it set the foundation for Anime on YTV and the legacy of it and its personalities years later

Promo – Ichimon Japan

The second segment begins with the obligatory COVID Canada update and notable celebrity deaths over the last few weeks (1:12:45). And then the Bullets Segment (1:23:56)

1:24:19 – The Japanese Government possibly targeting professional cosplayers for their use of copywriten IP. With a talk about the business and culture of cosplay and IP usage on both sides of the Pacific

1:41:00 – Malaysia channeling their inner Simpsons by putting shorts where there wasn’t shorts before in the Attack on Titan manga

1:45:02 – Netflix partners with WIT Studio for an anime school. With Moh giving an idea for further related programming for the streaming giant

1:52:47 – Adults scooping up McDonalds Happy Meals. It’s not for the kid sized Cheeseburger though, but for the treat (like when they were kids themselves). More specifically, the Pokemon cards that serve as the treat. So we talk about the sad state there, and Pokemon’s enduring popularity

2:01:41 – And a congratulatory note on the Guiness Record holder for Card Captor Sakura merchandise collection. And wondering what the collection contains, and what he won

As we begin to end it off, Mike then asks Moh about his stock portfolio in the aftermath of the Gamestop run (2:05:36). And once around the table on what’s in the queue (2:08:06)

Mohamed – Jump Force video game

Geoff – Pokemon and Doctor Stone

Kevin – Shonen Jump, Jojo’s manga, Haruhi Novels, Twin Speca manga, Saga comic

James – Seven Seas announcements (namely The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today), Victorian Romance Emma

Mike – JFFPlus (Dance With Me, Great Passage, Little Nights Little Love), Beastars Anime (the word he was looking for was “primal”)

This weeks drinking game: Take a shot whenever any sort of insect reference is made

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

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