Anime Roundtable v2.0 #36 – February 27 2021

With the realization that this will be the last episode before the Roundtable’s 15th anniversary, we begin the episode with some talk about Gamestop’s late week resurgence on the stock market. And how that covers up the issues with Gamestop’s retail operations, notably in Canada (1:52). Then we take a deep dive and go to bat for My Hero Academia translator Caleb Cook (7:27). 

8:48 – Kevin gives a quick summary of Cook’s final open statements on twitter

10:15 – Mike, while not specifically familiar with the title. Thinks about past general talk on translating

14:20 – James points out that tranlations even from the same publisher go through different revisions at various points (ie initial individual online chapter release to paper graphic novel form)

15:50 – Mike looks the recent mentality of “being first as opposed to being correct”. With a discussion beginning on both the fan and industry divide over what would be an effective translation. And social media vitriol over it. Something that comes with being one of the most popular titles currently 

22:35 – A thought on translators being fans too and the fact they interact with the larger community. And putting up the case that such interaction is a privilage for fans and not a right

28:05 – Kevin highlighting how getting too nitpicky on a tranlation has help fuel the fires

30:50 – How context and entomology matters, and how an absolute literal translation would be problematic, especially considering who the target audiences would be

33:16 – Moh and Geoff talking about the line between trolling and jealousy, and just being really passionate

34:58 – James gives a reminder that the buck doesn’t stop with the translator. And Mike giving a reminder that the exact same words can be looked at in different ways

38:25 – And how these types of dealings are really a waste of emotional energy for people in such spotlights. And how the internet can sometimes give people a false sense of courage

46:39 – Mike starts to wind down the talk by giving his thoughts as what makes a good translation and adaptation

Promo: Anime World Order – So we begin our usual cycle of promos again. Which will also reignite calls that if you have a podcast you would like to promote, drop us a line and we’ll probably play it

We begin the Bullets Segment (52:25) with the obligatory COVID update which leads to…

58:50 – Anime North postponement, and our reactions to that. And a brief thought on other conventions in 2021

1:10:24 – Overactive Media looking to build an eSports venue on the CNE grounds. Sounds cool, but is there a point in it? JPop concert goers in Toronto might want to take note

1:17:21 – It’s awards season. So we’ll give a thought on both the Crunchyroll Awards and the Reddit Anime Awards, and what the consensus is between them. And a thought on how the awards can help other shows later on

1:25:08 – We try to end off the show with a look at our watch and read queues. And some background thoughts

Moh – High-Rise Invasion

Geoff – Dr Stone (Dubbed), Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure OAV

Kevin – Saga (manga), Honey and Clover (manga), Jujutsu Kaisen (manga)

James – Famicom detective games coming to Switch, Laid-back Camp, Lord El-Melloi II, Hajime no Ippo (whew)

Mike – Beastars, Kiyo in Kyoto – From the Maiko House, Great Passage

1:49:58 – We’ll really end off the show by acknowledging the anniversaries to come in the next few weeks. The 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th. The 15th anniversary of the first episode of this podcast on March 2nd. And the 25th anniversary of Pokemon

This week’s drinking game: take a shot to the anniversaries that are cause for celebration, then a shot to the anniversaries that are cause for remembrance

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

Links of Interest

Website of Michael Booth. Author of Sushi and Beyond (aka Super Sushi Ramen Express)

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