Anime Roundtable v2.0 #37 – March 13 2021

Honestly, we spend the entire first segment of the show on some sombre and reflective notes…And arguably unrelated too

We’ll start the episode looking back on the Great East Japan Earthquake ten years on

2:05 – Mike recalls the first notices he got on it through DJCity on FB, watching the news the following morning, and how it changed the typical programming on various websites and broadcast outlets. And retells the story of NHK World anchor Gene Otani, who was on duty and covered the disaster in the immediate minutes as it unfolded. And recapped the actual tenth anniversary live coverage on NHK World 

9:15 – Kevin talks about how the tragedy figured into the fictional stories that came out in the immediate time after like the movie My Man. And a quick debate on the morals of using the disaster in enterainment

18:15 – James talking about the tourism recovery in the aftermath, and a few thoughts on disaster preparedness and management. Of which we don’t have concrete answers either

25:36 – James gives a final thought on the Tokyo Lens v-log, and how locals are moving on. With Mike noticing how the time since has brought an increased focus on other issues Japan will face in the future

We then focus our attention on the verdict in the April 2018 Yonge Street Van Attack (34:10)

35:53 – We’ll give a quick overview of the trial itself and the defence used. And the Canadian justice system. Including some little tweaks given considering the pandemic times, as the verdict was read out on a live YouTube stream

45:23 – We tie things back to the past themes mentioned on the show. First, pointing out the popularity of that area of Toronto in terms of food and entertainment, and the atmosphere of the area in the time after the attack

51:56 – And the thoughts about the role of online message boards in this attack

We start the second segment with Mike asking the others to chime in on the 15th anniversary of the Roundtable’s first episode (56:32)

57:32 – Kevin remembers Adam’s time on the show and watching the early Anime North episodes live with a thought on the evolution of questionable material over the years

1:04:19 – Geoff remembers disagreeing with Adam over the merits of 90s animation

1:06:08 – James brings up a recent episode of the Bob McCown Podcast and the old school sports talk debate shows that inspired the podcast. And how much like podcast, those types of shows have changed (and not changed) too with the times

Then we start the actual anime and manga talk with the Bullets Segment (1:18:27)

1:19:07 – Discotek with their latest presentation and announcements. And how much James enjoys the banter between Mike, Justin, and Brady there. And how the biggest announcement in the presentation probably wasn’t a license, but an update on an upcoming release

1:33:58 – Icv2’s manga week interviews with Kevin Hamrick (Viz Media), Kurt Hassler (Yen Press), and Stu Levy (Tokyopop) and how the comments by all three of them intertwine with each other

1:35:29 – On Viz and its evolution moving from its Shogakukan side to its Shuesha side, and how the backlist and older titles are more a thing again

1:39:25 – How Tokyopop was once the big boy in the english manga space, and how their marketing and ambition was both good and bad for their business

1:42:05 – How the success of an anime (especially in pandemic times) would be key for them if they hold the related book version (even with back issues)

1:45:28 – Levy lamenting the lack of digitization in the book space. With a few thoughts on Tokyopop’s roller coaster history with the way he ran it

1:56:20 – How the Japanese side of the manga industry must consider the digital subscription model because of the increased competition from other Asian countries for those global markets who are using those distribution methods more effectively

2:00:49 – Sony stopping download to own of movies mainly because of lack of interest in their platform, and the current issues of the model. And how the now consumer rejection of DVD for BluRay will eventually happen to BluRay and digital downloads themselves in favour of streaming (collectors aside). With a reminder for the conditions for people who work in the industry now

2:11:19 – The Anime Community Calendar

Ongoing – The Japan Foundation Toronto’s JFFPlus discussion on the documentaries shown there

March 18 – The Japan America Society of Dallas-Fort Worth on Japanese Pop Culture in the pandemic

March 30 – The Japan Foundation New York doing a discussion on 2.5D stage adaptations of anime and manga IPs

2:15:27 – Trailers for the next live action Rurouni Kenshin, and the Way of the Househusband anime. And how some people seem underwhelmed by the latter

And finally

2:22:48 – The personal queues!! 

Mohamed – High Rise Invation, Violet Evergarden

Kevin – Honey and Clover (manga), Detroit Metal City (manga)

Geoff – Dr Stone, Parks and Recreation

James – The Girl Without a Face (manga)

Mike – Great Passage, Demon Slayer

This week’s drinking game: Take a shot everytime someone says “For better or worse”. WHICH JAMES SAID AT LEAST ONCE!

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

*Music Provided by Scott Holmes Music*

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