Anime Roundtable v2.0 #38 – March 27 2021

We start this week with some thoughts on recent current events. Which leads nicely into…

14:29 – Cineplex opens a website for the Violet Evergarden and Demon Slayer movies with tickets going on sale March 30th

17:29 – Mike gives his thoughts after finsihing the Demon Slayer anime on Netflix, with a brief look back on the use of Yokai concepts which have been noted in the past (which was admittedly over Mike’s head)

26:07 – The US Justice Department extends their antitrust review of Sony’s proposed acquisition of Crunchyroll. We try to make some sense of this surprising development. With thoughts on the effect of such an arrangement on Japanese studios, the new US administration going through acquisitions more throughly, and the aspect that anime is enough of a growth segment in entertainment for this to be of concern in the future

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In the second segment we talk at length about a JASDFW online panel on Japanese Popular Culture’s Response to COVID-19 (44:42)

47:24 – How the two century isolation (between the 17th and 19th century) nurtured Japan’s culture. With the thought on how much of that culture, which was Japanese considered everyday concepts, became more high class as it was exposed to the world

50:35 – Nakanishi acknowledging the ideas of the recipricol aspects of Japanese culture, and adapting to the times. With examples of both historic in terms of the reopening, and actual recent times

54:15 – How the industry was alreadying in an “adapting” mode after the Great East Japan Earthquake. And how facing an adversity before often serves as overall good preparation for the next adversity

1:00:07 – How important it will be to use the pop culture to prop up demand for when tourists are allowed to return

1:04:11 – Where the isolation of the 17th to 19th centuries gave birth to a unique culture for Japan, technology over the last year was a catalyst to promote the current popular culture for Japan. With a note on how Japan has a good chunk of the most popular media franchises of all time, and the capital Japanese pop culture acutally has around the world

1:09:05 – Some thoughts on how the popular culture in other Asian countries try to promote themselves worldwide. The key difference between Japan and the rest of Asia being intention of pursuit. Leading to a discussion of how the increased worldwide consumption will affect the actual production in the future (with a possible schism within anime fandom)

1:19:00 – Mike clarifies the possible schism that may happen within anime fandom in the future, as stated by Kelts. Why he finds that problematic, and perhaps why the international fandom should embrace its role in shaping the future of Japanese industry, and how Japan should be tolerant of that as well

1:26:34 – Finally, back to Demon Slayer. Its appeal to older demographics, and our guesses as to the success of the movie in Japan, and what to expect when it comes to North America

1:34:30 – Mike retells the story of Susan Tsuji, the woman who had local rights to NHK programming in Canada in the 80s and 90s

And finally in other things that caught our attention

1:36:43 – A reminder to check out the Japan Foundation New York presentation on 2.5D stage presentations

1:37:46 – Ace Attorney Online Orchastra Concert on April 10th

1:39:23 – Cowboy Bebop live action finishes shooting

1:41:47 – Announcement on a live action Ghosts of Tsushima movie, and how this can have some hope to be decent

1:44:25 – Kevin and Moh’s thoughts. Moh looks forward to Way of the Househusband. Kevin looks back on the replay of the ANN-AnimeNY manga editor panel

1:48:28 – James offers an update on Seven Seas novels, quality control, and customer service. Much of it not good

1:53:11 – Geoff makes a final plug for the Shaman King remake…he’s really looking forward to this

1:55:55 – Finally a programming note with the man behind Anime Lockdown returning for a visit in April 

This Week’s Drinking Game: Take a shot everytime someone says the phrase “chump change”

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

*Opening Theme provided by Scott Holmes Music*

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Japanese Anime 88-spots 2021 Edition (Assuming you get the chance)

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