Anime Roundtable v2.0 Space Heater Chat: Easter Edition – April 3 2021

Mike and James go unvarnished and unedited again, with the thinking that this will now be a regular feature

We start by talking the latest in the local COVID fight (spoiler: on the ropes, with a possible TKO coming), which leads into Canadian movie theatre plans for things like the upcoming Violet Evergarden and Demon Slayer movie runs. With a thought on Violet Evergarden being a tribute to those lost in the Kyoto Animation tragedy back in 2018. 

Then our attention turns to Sony and how the closings of their legacy video game stores are consistent with their announced ending of movie and TV show downloads. And wonder if there’s a future for legacy titles after the store closures that wouldn’t require the original consoles themselves, and how third party publishers might be convering themselves in all of this. Then we turn to the untimely passing of Mario…or the sealing of his past adventures into a Disney like vault. And a brief chat about the evolution of formats during the history of video games

Mike revisits the Hana Kimura story and the conviction of one of her bullies who was sentenced…to a small fine. And what about Terrace House now?

Finally Mike tells the story of his best friend asking if it’s okay for his two tween daughters to watch Promised Neverland, and asks for James’ opinion. In the process gives a thought on the merits of a good opening theme song 

Happy second pandemic Easter!!


  1. douchebaghater says:

    I’m amazed you douchebags came from whatever rock you crawled under and started podcasting again after hiding for a number of years.

    1. Okina says:

      Adam, is that you?

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