Anime Roundtable v2.0 #39 – April 10 2021

We begin this episode of the Offical Podcast of Anime North…by acting like it, and talking with its Social Media Coordinator. In a sit down chat with Mike, Chris Nebelsky gives us a look behind the scenes of AN, in terms of the decisions to cancel its last two in person editions, and the move towards the online versions

5:23 – Chris explains when the official planning for AN begins. But how his own work with them is actually year round, and gives an explanation on some of the other events Anime North is involved in outside of the convention itself

8:56 – A bit of a timeline on the 2020 cancellation decision, and how the most important thing from the outset of the decision was to keep everyone internally in the loop

10:30 – What’s in a name? The story behind the original online event in 2020. And how it ended up with the name “Momiji’s Online Experience” or “M.O.E.”

15:00 – Mike talking about AN’s normal vibe and how it typically transforms the area during that weekend

18:38 – A thought on the Momiji’s Online Experience programming with Mike and Chris sharring some of their memories of it. The show is still there on the Anime North Compass Twitch Channel. With Chris ultimately wondering why he’s doing it again this year

22:35 – On the original 2021 plan to hold both an in person convention (in July) and an online edition during the traditional weekend in May. How optimism, distant and recent experience, and time played into both the decision on the original 2021 plan, and the ultimate cancellation of the July. And the final branding of this year’s Anime North: Stay at Home Edition

27:38 – Chris talks about the call for submissions for the Anime North: Stay at Home Edition. What’s different from last year, and specifically what they’re looking for in proposals this year. With a preview of some of the presentations already confirmed

30:49 – Chris gives his hot take on the Big West/Harmony Gold settlement concerning the Macross franchise outside of Japan

35:08 – A thought for AN’s panels department and how the @Home Edition will be the first challenge for the department’s new head

41:21 – ANNOUNCEMENT! We will be doing a live episode of the Anime Roundtable during Anime North: Stay at Home Edition on Saturday May 29th at 11pm EST

42:09 – A final plug for Anime North: Stay at Home Edition, and where you can catch it online on Twitch. And the Extra Life Charity initiative for this year’s show

Promo: Ichimon Japan

46:02 – We begin the second segment with the regulars giving their takes on last week’s Space Heater Chat and Chris’ appearance

46:28 – Geoff comes back to the thought on Anisongs and their fit into their shows, and asks about Sobakasu by Judy and Mary for Rurouni Kenshin. With a reminder of how the actual Japanese music industry started to move into the anime space during that time

53:45 – Kevin comes back to the Sony announcement concerning the closing of their legacy video game stores with James tying that to Sony’s current priorities. With Mike revealing that Neil actually has an opinion on the matter

57:45 – On the Nebelsky chat. Now we know how last year got the name Momiji’s Online Experience. With Mike clarifying again that AN’s original 2021 plan was to always have an in person version in July, and the Stay at Home Edition in May

1:00:30 – Mike for his part appreciated learning some of the behind the scenes that went into the decisions that AN ultimately made

1:03:15 – A quick recap of the call for online submissions. A look ahead to Anime Hell during the Stay at Home Edition, and the live episode of the Anime Roundtable Podcast

1:08:21 – A quick COVID update…*sigh*

1:11:44 – WE GOT A COMMENT ON THE WEBSITE!! And how the comment got Mike in touch with someone we haven’t heard from in a long time

1:15:27 – Impressions of The Way of the Househusband anime on Netflix. A thought on short form/gag stories. How the gag and comedic tone of the show fit the rough feel of the animation techniques used, and Geoff giving a nuanced thought between the subbed and dubbed version and how slice of life it really is

And finally we get to the bullets (1:27:10)

1:27:22 – The Macross agreement between Harmony Gold, Big West, and Studio Nue that will see an overseas distribution for the Macross franchise and a recognition of the Robotech franchise within Japan. James gives a quick history of the dispute and how the latter point could be important considering Sony’s involvement in an upcoming big budget movie adaptation of Robotech

1:29:54 – Then there are questions about the licensing about the music, with Kevin giving a quick overview on how that could be an issue

1:32:21 – We debate how much the legal issues have hurt the Macross franchise’s popularity in comparison to something like Gundam. And can it ever get anywhere close to that type of worldwide popularity? With some thoughts on the strengths of both franchises

1:40:17 – Some concluding thoughts on the bullet. Including some steps the Roundtable thinks might be worthwhile initial steps

1:44:40 – The deal between Netflix and Sony concerning the US streaming rights to the latter’s upcoming big budget films. With Mike and Moh quickly noting that Sony lacks a mainstream streaming service

1:46:54 – James brings up Sony’s video game properties and how this may mix into this deal. With some additional talk about SpiderMan’s place in all of this

1:50:10 – So what about Canada? And a quick shout out to Kim’s Convenience (subscription required)

The Anime Community Calendar

1:54:29 – TCAF announcing Kabi Nagata with James giving an explanation of some of the stories she tells

1:58:03 – A thought on TCAF’s online format and how the lack of an in person event will hurt this show and its guests even more so

2:00:20 – Kondansha’s latest Manga Humble Bundle

2:04:58 – Studio WIT’s “The Girl From the Other Side” Kickstarter Campaign

This week’s drinking game: Take a shot everytime someone says the world “douche”

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig, with guest Chris Nebelsky

*Intro Music provided by Scott Holmes Music*

Links of Interest

Justin Sevakis’ Answerman column on the Macross dispute in 2019

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