Anime Roundtable v2.0 #40 – The Lockdown Return: April 18 2021

We catch up with JP, the man behind Anime Lockdown with some thoughts one year later on the online convention

4:08 – Anime Lockdown’s Twitter hasn’t been too active because JP feels there hasn’t been anything interesting to tweet

6:28 – JP answers the question on a second edition of Lockdown. And how that would compare with more established names, being “conventioned out” in a virtual sense, reality, and raised expectations

15:28 – We talk about 2021 events working on a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” basis after the experience of 2020

19:22 – JP on whether Lockdown has filled its purpose. With some thoughts on an op-ed piece on the Project Anime website on the future of pop culture conventions. With the chat turning into a debate between corporate and fan conventions in the post pandemic, and how their goals and priorities differ

32:30 – Why even as restrictions ease (at some point), people shouldn’t be too eager to go back to conventions. With a final thought from JP on Anime Lockdown

Then JP sits in on the Bullets before he does his groceries (38:30)

40:51 – UK Based Anime Limited getting an injection of funding

42:29 – Anime Limited getting former Crunchyroll director of Marketing and Social Media, Miles Thomas to become their Chief Marketing Officer. And the potential importance of this hiring with possible movement into North America. With some talk on products and marketing methods working for Anime and Manga companies these days

49:33 – JP laments on some of the transparency issues in the industry, with Mike giving a reminder how that culture has always been there. And how that culture has spured fandom’s own DIY aspects, and the crossroads it now faces

55:45 – Manga Entertainment in the UK branding into Funimation. Perhaps inevitable considering history and similar situations in other industries, but we reflect on the actual Manga brand

1:08:46 – The three main Japanese publishers released the titles with the biggest print runs from April 2020 to March 2021. The titles that caught our attention. So what’s the priorities? And Mike wonders how does this compare to pre-pandemic times since it was brought up before

1:15:08 – Shojo Beat Tweet that states the priorities for the printing of their titles. And how digital is playing into the plans of both companies and consumers

1:21:09 – Kevin and James talks at length about the titles on the lists and try to pick out trends within them

1:24:31 – Since Kenshin was on the list. Mike poses a yes/no question to the group wondering the future of Kenshin in North America. And proceed to roast Watsuki in the process. Listen for the zingers here

Now JP will go get groceries

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, with guest JP from Anime Lockdown

This Week’s Drinking Game: Take a shot when you hear a sound affect we haven’t used before

*Intro Music Provided by Scott Holmes Music*

Links of Interest – JP’s personal Anime Page

Goodreads entry for “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” (the source material for the Japanese film “Cafe Funiculi Funicula”

And since Mike mentioned it in the conversation…

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