Anime Roundtable v2.0 #41 – May 5 2021

We start by asking for Moh and Geoff’s opinions from the last episode and it intially starts with conventions (2:25) 

2:53 – Geoff states a hope for the long term of the fan run style convention and how its solutions will be quite different from industry conventions

6:35 – Moh gives a thought as to NFTs possible role in terms of possible marketing materials in the future. With an actual debate on the merits on crypto in the future (especially on the industry side)

10:00 – Some thoughts on original viral collectables like sports cards and Beanie Babies

11:35 – So what about the fan style in relation of online components in the “new normal”. And what will the new normal look like?

15:39 – Geoff and Moh give their “Yes/No” on seeing the last two live action Rurouni Kenshin movies officially in North America

Then we talk some Guilty Pleasures Netflix Style

18:03 – Moh and Kevin gives their first impressions of Yasuke. And how this is the first real salvo in the idea of Netflix’s potential influence in future anime productions

24:49 – Mike talks up the 2017 J-Drama Million Yen Women, where we’ve seen members the cast of this Harem/suspence thriller before, and how he likes it compared to other shows he’s watched recently

Then we spend the rest of the first segment on the Hollywood Reporter’s recent article on how Korean Dramas and Japanese Anime will be key battlegrounds in the next stage of the video streaming wars (27:39)

30:02 – James’ reminder of how Netflix’s algorithm will light the way and the rest of the rush will follow (in terms of investments in established regional names)

32:22 – A debate on how Disney’s established core brands will play into how they’ll try to navigate and invest in the Asian rush

38:35 – Mike starts to illustrate some more recent forms of western investment in Asian entertainment, as a set up to the streaming conflict became visible there. With a further thought on China’s role in the whole thing. 

47:05 – Geoff gives a thought on how “Pop Culture Capital” is actually quite important. With Mike ultimately wondering how South Korea built a lot of that through their dramas and music (hint: accessibility). 

50:00 – So Mike comes back to Japan, and how it hasn’t fully maximized the potential of their own “capital” and how doing so will likely involve a change in long time thinking and ways of doing business

54:29 – Coming back to China and how many western services like Netflix can’t get in there, and how they can still manage

56:55 – And what about J-Dramas as Japanese “Pop Culture Capital”? And is there anything there that’s “Evergreen”?

1:06:50 – After cooling off from the first segment, we begin the second segment with the Bullets

1:10:22 – The North American Theatre Box Office with a top three of Mortal Kombat, Demon Slayer, and Godzilla vs Kong. And balancing how much Asian Pop Culture Currency helped in this development, along with pandemic pressure. Along with another thought on how impressive Demon Slayer’s initial success is in North America

1:18:03 – Kadokawa buying a majority stake in J-Novel Club. With Kevin and James trying to answer the point of the acquisition, with digital figuring into the discussion of course. And some missed opportunities

1:26:03 – WWE sells an anime series to Crunchyroll. With Mike giving a thought on the type of culture capital they have and the overlap between pro wrestling, anime, and nerd fandoms. If only because, details are vague

1:34:00 – Studio Ghibli revealing that there have been inquiries to produce a live action version of Naussica. Mike is never one to shut the door on such ideas, so we talk about it with a wishlist for such a project

1:40:35 – Voltron producer Ted Koplar passes away. So Mike gives a few thoughts on anime localization in the 80s. And gives a question on the reputations of said localizations

Then we end off with the Anime Community Calendar

1:51:21 – Japan Foundation New York’s online series on Academic perspectives on Japanese Pop Culture continues with a presentation on Miyazaki and how he places “Children Entrusted with Hope”

1:55:44 – James, Kevin, and Geoff look ahead to TCAF online going from May 8-15. With James noticing an old friend having a “table” there this year

This Week’s Drinking Game: Take a shot everytime food is mentioned in any form

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

Intro Music provided by Scott Holmes Music

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Justin Sevekis’ Twitter on Hollywood Reporter Article

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