Anime Roundtable v2.0 Space Heater Chat: May Edition – May 8 2021

Mike and James return in another unvarnished and unedited talk. We tried to rush this in mainly because Mike wanted to get back to watching the final of the first Overwatch League tournament of the season. But you know that’s wishful thinking

We come back to the Sony and their backtrack on their decision to close their legacy Playstation Stores with further thoughts on archiving and remastering and how that trend seems to be coming to video games after having similar moments with TV and movies (of course anime too). Then we talked about the other things Sony’s video game side has been dragged into. Like the Epic/Apple conflict, and selling specific games through cards

Then we talk about Yakuza, more specifically the next game in the Judgement series, its same time worldwide release (a first for a Yakuza universe game), and the move to keep the main Yakuza series a more turn based RPG format

After, our attention goes to two Kickstarters. Wit Studio’s Girl From the Other Side feature and Animeigo’s Maddox 01 Blu Ray (and the story of both that and an upcoming Discotek re-release)

As we finish up, Mike and James save a world for things they were watching over the last week, Megazone 23, the Animerama trilogy (A Thousand and One Nights, Cleopatra, Belladonna of Sadness), and Yasuke. With a final acknowledgement of other headlines we missed and may talk about in the future

This weeks Drinking Game: Take a shot everytime the word “posterity” is said

Links of Interest to Come

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