Anime Roundtable v2.0 #42 – May 15 2021

We start this week with doing a COVID update first in Toronto and then in Tokyo and how that has affected planned events to come in the summer with Mike doing his best to connect various places in the pandemic to Toronto’s local fandom

Then we get takes from Kevin, Moh, and Geoff from last week’s Space Heater Chat episode (22:22)

22:32 – Kevin gets us started on the Yakuza video game news with some talk about the pivots to the gameplay in upcoming installments with some thoughts on Sega’s thinking on going back to older titles

27:18 – Kevin does agree with the thought that the legacy Playstation stores will eventually be taken away, and he says why

31:45 – James and Kevin do a quick TCAF roundup. With longer thoughts on the Nagata Kabi interview. And the rest of the gang having some regrets missing out on the TCAF finale with an Akira special presentation and a thought on how getting around was a little different in this online version

42:42 – We end the first segment trying the impossible, trying to quickly explain Bill C-10 here in Canada and the aim to modernize the Canadian Broadcasting act and how it impacts anime in Canada (not likely), streaming services, and more importantly internet user generated content in Canada. And we come away just as confused as ever

Promo: Anime World Order

Then we begin the bullets segement

58:12 – Japanese poll asks what anime or manga property should be given the Hollywood treatment. Number One sounds like it would make a great movie too

1:07:40 – Yen Press announces audio book imprint. And a wish list for this initiative going forward with a few thoughts on the tradition of radio dramas in Japan

1:14:28 – Studio Kiara getting threats over final Evangelion movie and looking to call them out. We have a brief conversation about being emotionally invested in a story, being let down by it, and that recent history says that you sorta need to take these things seriously to a degree. Especially when you consider a person like Hideki Anno

1:27:05 – BL title Dick Fight Island hits it big on Amazon. Kevin talks about reading the first volume and even attending a Discord discussion on it. And what’s in a title rename? Expect a few double entendres here…We could be talk about this for a decade

Then we go throught the Anime Community Calendar

1:37:00 – The Toronto Japanese Film Festival is happening in June…online of course. An online pass is now available, so we’ll talk about movies that have our attention now

1:42:40 – Mike looks back on Yasuke on Netflix. And if you liked Yasuke, you might take some interest in an online lecture talking about the actual historical figure himself

We finish with the queues before looking ahead to the Anime North Stay at Home Edition

1:48:12 – Mike mentions his current watch, Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You

1:50:14 – Kevin looks forward to the conclusion of the original Drops of God Manga

Drinking Game: Take a shot whenever Mike says the word “fascinating”

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

Intro Music performed by Scott Holmes Music

Links of Interest

COVID: Japanese town builds giant squid statue with relief money

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