On Mike’s Mind: June 9 2021 – The Odd Anisong Legacy of Kōzō Murashita

Mike makes a guarantee that by the end of this, he’ll make you sick of one specific song. This time he tells the story of that song, its appearance in multiple anime titles (and how it got him to watch one of them), its original artist from almost 40 years ago, and how another song he performed was in one of the most beloved anime love stories from back then 

In many ways its the story of how one song can adapt and ultimately stand the test of time, a holy grail for any pop song and perhaps the only one to accomplish it in anisong form. Check the videos below for a comparison

Edit: Mike said the J-Melo episode was in 2015, he might be mistaken according to the video. We apologize for the error and will punish Mike appropriately

Links of Interest

The original Kozo Murashita recording of Hatsukoi in 1983
Murashita performing Hatsukoi live, probably in the mid 90s
Samantha Lam’s Cantonese Cover of Hatsukoi (Date Unknown)
The Yuka Imai cover of Hatsukoi done for Boys Be in 2000
Saori Hayami’s cover of Hatsukoi done for Sora No Otoshimono in 2007
A 2016 episode of J-Melo where host May-J performs a cover of Hatsukoi towards the end of the episode (Perfume appears earlier in the episode though, so the whole thing might be worth checking out)
Nao Toyama’s 2017 cover of Hatsukoi for Tsuki Ga Kirei

And because Mike brought it up…

Kozo Murashita doing a live performance of Hi Damari back in 1987. This was the final theme song for the Maison Ikkoku TV series


Geoff provided these two finds recently…

A cover by Miso Matsuda
A mash up of 12 different covers of Hatsukoi. Worth enjoying while having a blunt…

And finally since TM Revolution is your hook up…HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!!

TM Revolution appearing on a 2013 Christmas special with Momiro Clover Z, which ended with him singing Hatsukoi as a duet with Clover Z member Kanako Momota. About the only thing missing were the drinks…The whole video is worth watching but if you must get right to the song, scroll to the 6:22 mark

What do you mean it got taken down??? Gimme a sec

Here’s version of the TM Revolution, Kanako Momota cover. This one might be fun to watch in a different way because it really feels like TMR didn’t want to be there…or needed to go to the bathroom
Since we’ve mentioned it before, why not check out the Roundtable’s Spotify Playlist


  1. Dave Watson says:

    Pop songs: Can’t think of any offhand that have been covered that much in the anime realm (first one to come to mind: Yosui Inoue’s “Yume no Naka e”, in His and Her Circumstances–once). But one classical piece shows up a hell of a lot: Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL0xzp4zzBE

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