Anime Roundtable v2.0 #45 – June 20 2021: Demon Slayer Partaaaay!


For this Father’s Day episode, we tried to do a full Bullets episode. But one small thing nicely bloomed into a big thing

The first couple bullets worked on a common thread again. This time…Demon Slayer(2:23)

4:21 – Matt Alt’s article on the Demon Slayer phenomenon in the New Yorker becomes a cannonball of a bullet. With a long refocus on the “rivalry” with Miyazaki and a potential shakeup of other status quos the franchise could potentially cause

35:44 – Funimation tightens its grip on the Demon Slayer movie by making it a streaming exclusive to their platform. But you can download to own or rent like CITY-TV…EVERYWHERE

41:51 – Demon Slayer Movie physical media sales tops one million after three days of sales in Japan. Proving physical media is still very much at thing there

45:46 – Shuesha attempts to trademark six clothing patterns from Demon Slayers, and goes .500 with some other thoughts on these types of things in the clothing space

Then the rest of the Bullets

53:00 – Azuki, a new digital manga service is set to launch on June 28th. So how will this be different in comparisons to other legit services? And a revisit on how far we are from the “Netflix moment”

1:05:30 – How a bizzare discussion about the sex lives of comic book and animation characters (specifically Batman) eventually turned to Char…a very cultured discussion

1:17:25 – Seiyuu Koichi Yamadera (60) marries Shoko Robin Okada (28). We congratulate the happy couple, and remember Yamadera’s previous marriages

This week’s drinking game: Take a shot everytime the concept of “common threads” come up

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

Opening Theme provided by Scott Holmes Music

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