Anime Roundtable v2.0 #47 – July 16 2021: Trust Before Betrayal

Note: We had a few lag issues with Kevin this week. Mike apologizes if this is an issue for both of our listeners

We start this week with some thoughts as convention season continues. But then focus on the one we actually paid attention to

4:58 – We look back on Anime Lockdown and how the basic feel was a little different from last year. Then impressions from specific panels like the Tatsuhiko Takimoto interview, Mike Toole and Giant Robo, Anime Burger Time, the French Revolution and the Rose of Versailles, LGBTQ, Tenticles, Companies that Knew Nothing About Anime, and Azuki (more on those later), EVA’s religious references, and a thought on Sakura Wars and its role in modernizing the industry’s “Media Mix” in the 90s

41:18 – We look back on the Anime Tube Kickstarter controversy how it went downhill on just about every front right out the gate, and how those initial missteps will make it very difficult to recover. With a few thoughts on how the market is different today than it was when Crunchyroll was founded more than a decade before. And how the concepts of patience and trust figure in to the story

And then we start the transition to the Bullets and a Higurashi hatchet plushie…does this need a weapons check at the door? (1:17:08)

1:20:20 – GKids getting Future Boy Conan for North America. We try to make some sense as to why this license for this region took so long

1:26:32 – Studio Ghibli Loungewear collection. Cosplay dresses up enough, why not make it more “everyday”. With a few thoughts on other Japanese Pop Culture IP in fashion, the Japanese fashion world at large. Then we realize we’re not the prospective market…

1:34:09 – The Yakuza Judgement series could be lost on a disagreement between Sega and Johnny’s Associates on the use of the likeness of Johnny’s IPs on other gaming formats. With a brief thought on the landscape of video game consumption in Japan, eSports, and the fact that Johnny’s has been through this before with their IP in other Pop Culture properties…comes back to trust

1:42:04 – Some Demon Slayer Party Hangover stuff with the Kimetsu Gauken manga greenlit to keep the ball rolling, other crossover items, and what the hell is with their studio ufotable??

Then the Anime Community Calendar (1:47:14)

1:47:24 – Japan Foundation New York’s Pop Culture Series continues with a panel on the Japanese Video Game Industry

1:49:37 – A COVID update here in Ontario with the easing of the bulk of restrictions. Which also means movie theatres are back, and Moh is chomping at the bit

This week’s drinking game: Take a shot whenever the lagging was actually referred to in the episode (big gulp coming at the very end)

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

Opening Theme provided by Scott Holmes Music

Links of Interest to Come

John Oliver on Octopuses (and why “Octopuses” is the proper term)

A Tag Heuer Super Mario Smartwatch…you know you waaaant it

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