Anime Roundtable v2.0 #49 – August 15 2021: Crunchyroll Closes…All is Right With the World

We start this week by looking back as on last week’s manga Space Heater Chat with Geoff’s thoughts leading to a discussion of the merits of the media mix and the same title and premise being told in different forms

16:04 – We talk about Tokyo’s post Olympic letdown in the pandemic era with all that leading to a COVID update

20:55 – We give our initial impressions of the closing of the Crunchyroll sale to Funimation/Sony, and start to wonder what’s next. Especially when we rekindle the discussion about how all of this fits into Sony’s “Pillar” strategy that was brought up last year, and the future moves of the competition within that

47:46 – Promo: Ichimon Japan

49:20 – Mohamed decides to pitch a new gameshow concept on us (Anime North, take note). He does a test run with us and we give our feedback. But tell us what you think of the “Anime Anime” game…no seriously

1:05:36 – And finally we acknowledge the legacy of Fred Ladd who passed away at the age of 94

This week’s Drinking Game: Take a shot at the very end in tribute to Fred Ladd

Mike Nicolas, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

Opening Theme provided by Scott Holmes Music

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