Anime Roundtable v2.0 Space Heater Chat – October 31 2021: Showing Life On The Night of the Dead

We haven’t taped anything in a number of weeks, so Mike and Kevin do a Space Heater just so we can have something else for October. On Halloween night, we talk Halloween. And then something really scary…a COVID update and reflection. And then we try to get back on the Japanese track and talk about a few things that caught our attention in the back end of October. Kevin talks about a Yomacon panel about manga scanlations and EVA fashion. Mike continues beating the dead horse that is Cowboy Bebop, then talks a little actual Japanese news with the lower house elctions which took place that day and changes with the Imperial Family with Princess Mako marrying out of it. Then Kevin talks about the Spy Family anime, and asks about upcoming manga releases with Mike and shows off his Switch. And Mike talks about Jesse Betteridge’s pointing out of some noteworthy HBO Asia titles coming to the Crave streaming service in Canada

Anime Roundtable

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