Anime Roundtable v2.0 #53 – November 13 2021: It’s a Netflix PARTAAAAY!!

We begin our first regular gathering in more than a month by talking about streaming and social media platforms before getting down to business

We look back on Mike and Kevin’s Space Heater Chat (11:45)

13:10 – James looks back on how the impression of Halloween has changed and evolved in Japan and how it sorta joins the list of other western holidays that have been imported there

25:02 – Geoff comes back to the Yomacon Scanlations panel and gives an angle worth thinking about. With the thought leading to a few more tangental thoughts

34:20 – James and Mike talk about the marriage of the former Princess Mako to Kei Komoro and compares the stresses of the Japanese Imperial Family and the British Royal Family with their respective publics

47:00 – Moh tries gives a thought on streaming services, region exclusivity on them, and the stuff on Crave

Netflix Dominated much of the week’s news, so we tackle it (49:50)

50:40 – Netflix talks about their Asian content and how that’s handled. And how competition plays into that

55:50 – Thoughts on titles (some being continuing that started on other platforms) and themes (the popularity of class divide stories in Asian titles currently)

1:05:50 – Impressions of the One Piece live action cast and the no win situation they’re now in

1:16:00 – Moh gets hyped up for a possible Gundam live action

1:20:51 – A final thought on the Cowboy Bebop live action a week out from its Netflix premier

1:24:55 – Aside from the obvious crap concerning the Paul Gossar/Attack on Titan video, Geoff also points out how unoriginal it really was

1:33:43 – The Anime Community Calendar

1:34:07 – The 2022 Japanese Film Festival Plus has been announced. And a mini return of the 2021 edition will happen until Nov 21

1:37:13 – Japan Foundation Toronto continues it’s ongoing series about translating Japanese works into English with a discussion about Colorful

1:38:22 – And may we interest you in two Humble Bundle e-book bundles if you’re fans of either Kazuo Koike specifically or Samurai in general?

1:43:41 – Kevin, Geoff, and Moh give their impressions after seeing the latest My Hero Academia movie in theatres. Among other things coming to theatres

This week’s drinking game: Take a shot when you think a monolith sound would have been appropriate

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

Opening Theme provided by Scott Holmes Music

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