Anime Roundtable v2.0 #54 – December 4 2021: Live Long and Prosper Space Cowboy

2:20 – We follow up from the Space Heater Chat from last time with Mike finishing both the Cowboy Bebop anime and live action series; finds out that the others haven’t, and is reminded he’s not done with it yet because he has yet to rewatch the movie; and ultimately doubles down on his defence of the show after reading a few criticisms of it. With even a few Star Trek thoughts (I mean the two do have John Cho in common)

39:25 – We do our first COVID update in sometime. While in the process talking about the new Omicron variant, its affect on Anime NYC a few weeks ago (along with the industry news coming from it), and then looking ahead to Anime North with their first orginizer meeting

With a little time left, Mike decides to give both Geoff and James a few minutes to stand on soap boxes…and somehow we manage to stretch it to about a normal length episode (1:00:45)

1:01:15 – Geoff gives his impression of the latest JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure anime on Netflix and tries to make sense of its new found popularity

1:09:50 – James talks about Spartacus, Playstation’s hopeful competition for XBox GamePass. And the re-release of Clockwork Aquario

1:18:30 – Mike decides to do the Anime Community Calendar with thoughts on the Nisioisin Light Novel collection from Humble Bundle, Songs of Tokyo Festival on NHK World, Japan Foundation New York’s presentation on Shojo Manga, Japan Foundation Toronto’s Japanese Film Festival, and Discotek Day

1:25:40 – And finally, Mike formally announces upcoming Anime Roundtable programming coming very soon to Twitch and YouTube

This Week’s Drinking Game: Take a shot when the word “stroke” comes up. And take one more if you don’t suffer one after

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, and Geoff Greig

Opening Theme provided by Scott Holmes Music

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