Anime Roundtable v2.0 #56 – December 18 2021: Once More Before the Holidays

We start off our second last regular episode of 2021 with a thought on recent movie adaptations of video games

5:30 – We look back on the last episode with James

11:40 – Manga-Ka Ken Akamatsu is getting into politics, looking to run for the Upper House of the Japanese Diet. We look back on some of his background and how this run makes some sense

And then we have to get serious for a bit

30:45 – A COVID update. We know that’s off topic, but honestly in the last week, tell me something that hasn’t seen the pandemic leak into it

38:50 – We talk a little Spider-Man No Way Home after Moh has seen it multiple times. With some thoughts on spoilers and old school piracy

44:55 – We talk about the sudden death of Sayaka Kanda and look at her multi talented legacy (which easily was more than just anime)

48:38 – The latest developments in the Hana Kimura death

And then we lighten it up to finish

53:18 – Our takes from the Discotek Winter Extravaganza panel

1:25:10 – Then Kevin lengthens the show by bringing up the Jump Festa and specifically Bleach

This Week’s Drinking Game: Take a shot when you realize that reality bites

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke

Links of Interest to Come

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