Anime Roundtable v2.0 #67: June 8 2022 – Hey, We’re Practically On Time Again

We start by getting Canadian political as we do every so often from Bill C-11 and Canadian Content to the Ontario General Election (which does have an Anime North link)

9:35 – We talk about the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and the controversy surrounding the invite given to, and then taken away from Pink Cat creator Saba Moeel

46:31 – A year after Kentaro Miura’s death, Beserk’s fate has been determined, and will continue with the help of Miura’s assistants and close friend Kouji Mori in charge 

And briefly…

1:11:30 – It’s old news, but what about the latest on the One Piece live action, the Robotech live action, and the new Urusei Yatsura anime

1:19:38 – So what is our plan going into Anime North a month from now?

And just when we were about to finish up..

1:32:06 – Some video game stuff. James and Kevin are trying to get Xenoblade 3 digitally on the Switch store, Mike looking at the Playstation Days of Play sale, and some esports thoughts

1:34:37 – And an update on the union push at Seven Seas

This week’s Drinking Game: Take a shot for when you can spot every technical issue that happened this week…just pace yourself

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke, Geoff Greig

Opening Theme: “FUBUKI – Snowstorm” performed by Pico Masaki

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