We started this experiment back in March of 2006. When we started we wanted to do a show that talked about North American Anime and Manga issues and news from a uniquely Canadian perspective. After the initial trio of episodes, we took a summer off, then started to do the show fully in September and have been going since. We’ve done so to some good feedback, but admittedly we haven’t promoted the show to the extent we could be. Hopefully that’s about to change

This blog was created in April 2007 to accompany the podcast as it moves forward, and to coincide with becoming Anime North’s Official Podcast. Aside from links and first looks at the newest episodes, we’ll also have anime and manga views and opnions from here…somewhere along the line

After a break of somewhere between 6 to 9 years (depending on where you wanted to say we stopped), the show returned as part of the 6ixTalk Podcast Network in February of 2018 and hasn’t gone away since

The experiment continues. How are we doing thus far?


  1. Love to listen to you guys all the time but I’ve been wondering, what happened to you guys since the end of June? Been checking back every once and a while but I don’t see you updating even a notice of an issue. In other words what happened after AN? Meant to go to the recordings but I had to help my sick buddy.

    1. Okina says:

      I don’t know if this is of any interest to you all of these years later, but we’ve been back since 2018. Please feel free to check it out if this is still your thing

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