Space Heater Chat – May 27 2023: Anime North Night One, Long Live the Burger King!

Mike is joined by James, Moh, and Lawrence and make observations on the first night of Anime North 2023 and the Nominoichi. James talks about Jun Miyuzuki’s appearance at TCAF and her creation process. Then the others give their take on the evolving media mix in fandom. And look ahead to Saturday We’re off and…More

Space Heater Chat – May 2 2023: The Manga Roundtable

Kevin and Mike start off by talking about the core items in otaku fandom’s eco-system (and define what a core item is). And then we update manga and graphic novels at this stage of the pandemic in light of the belief that manga sales may have plateaued. Talk some more Kodansha and Drops of GodMore

Anime Roundtable v2.0 #78 – January 29 2023: And the Nominees Are…

We begin this week’s Roundtable by talking our Toronto Area roots and the death of former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion (Anime North takes place very close to the Toronto/Mississauga border) 11:30 – James gives his thoughts on last episode, and his recent video gaming 27:12 – It’s Awards Season!!! And anime is no exception (within…More