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Today’s secret word is “icon”

So after struggling to open our ramune and partake in some Japanese snacks, Mike tells a story about giving a ramune to Veronica Taylor at FanExpo more than 15 years ago (4:55), we acknowledge the New Japanese Emperor and what lies ahead in the Reiwa Era (12:55) and how that name is linked with an adult visual novel (24:20). Then we get to the heart of the episode with our International Fan Festival report (25:32), the screening of Fate/Stay Heavens Feel with Mike making observations living up to his nickname and Japanese guests being incognito in Toronto (33:10). Thoughts on the scheduling of events and autographs (41:30), the Fate/Stay actors talk show (49:00) and recording session (51:00). Ayako Kawasumi’s Q&A (58:05), thoughts on Mecha Ude and crowdfunding productions (1:04:50), Kevin at the IFF Anisong concert Saturday evening (1:09). And did Crunchyroll fuel the video rooms through an offline HD (1:19:45)? And IFF’s spot in a landscape that includes an institution like Anime North (1:20:55)

Then we turn to James and Kevin’s excellent TCAF adventure…and if you thought autograph chasing was hard at IFF and AN (1:36:45). And the bullets, Crunchyroll picking up some Discotek titles (1:55:10), an impression of the first episode of the new Fruits Basket anime (1:59:05), the trailer for Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie Weathering with You (2:10:05), and Moh finally talks about seeing the Code Gease movie (2:12:20). Then we end off by previewing Anime North (2:19:50), with more Nominoichi from trying to get into the Nominoichi (2:25:10). Come join us for a live taping of the Roundtable on Friday and Saturday night at AN

Wow that was long…but not as long as Avengers: Endgame

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Mohamed Sharmarke, Kevin Ng


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Trailer for Makoto Shinkai newest movie “Weathering With You”

Mecha Ude Official Pilot

Reiwa also refers to what??!!

Lumican – Canadian distributor of Lumica lightsticks


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Unfortunately “Be brief not boring” isn’t the motto as Mike decided to take the mic late night and tell a few stories as the Easter weekend begins, and the night before the International Fan Festival. In it he gives his thoughts on the latest developments concerning the live action Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin adaptations (0:44), frustrations with Kimagure Orange Road almost as maddening as Kasuka Kyosuke (9:22), and Japanese Curling and video games (19:33)…dedicating about 10 minutes to each story. Plus an announcement at the very end  

Imagine how this would have gone if Austin was on…although Mike blames this more on deciding to plug in the mic at 1am. Maybe he should go back to writing a script for these in the future

Links of Interest

Video Game Museum Post on SuperLite 1500 – The Curling

Live Action Rurouni Kenshin Returns in 2020

Black Girl Nerds’ thoughts on the Cowboy Bebop live action casting

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With the announcement of Fred Schodt’s appearance at Anime North in May, Mike wanted to start by trying something different and tell a sincere story about his first appearance more than twenty years before…but he forgot to plug in the soundboard. After plugging in the board, we pull the plug on the Vic Mignonga talk by getting Kevin and Moh’s thoughts (10:15). Then we come back to the talk about adapting Japanese works again in light of the Alita: Battle Angel movie, was it one of those things that came a few years late? Spoiler alerts there…like as if no one here knows the basic story (21:19). And that sometimes importing a North American story into Japan have similar dillemas (43:30). Mike reflects on finally finishing the Toradora anime, with James and Kevin broadening that into a longer discussion about the light novel market in North America (55:20). Then James finishes it off with an epic bullets segment on how the former couple of the great anime streaming divorce in the fall have moved on with their lives dating new people (1:31:10), and the Fate/Stay Night movie (2:01:15)

Then one more tejime to seal the deal…well the idea sounded good…

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke

Links of Interest

Frederick L Schodt’s Official Website

Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story (NFB Documentary)

Vancouver Asahi: Authenticity Lost in Translation?

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Mike wanted to get some sort of taping done for February. Having failed that, he’s now pretty happy to get that checked off for March right away

James comes in for a free form digest talk, and a warm up for episode 8 later this month. In it we bring up Mike’s lone day at Podcamp Toronto last weekend (4:10), personal anecdotes and thoughts on the Vic Mignogna scandal (25:22), and Mike’s more solid thoughts Marie Kondo’s popularity (1:02:20). We thought we’d be done with those, but then Mike made the mistake of asking James about what’s on his Crunchyroll queue and current issues with the app (1:14:15), and then Mike makes some final NHK recommendations and the events calendar (1:30:30)

Mike Nicolas, James Austin

Links of Interest

Podcamp Toronto 2019

NHK World story about Marie Kondo


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In the interest of starting the New Year on a memorable note, we decided to have five of us around the table…which is already a bad idea. And when one of them is Neil returning after six months…it made having five even more complicated. And considering that it’s the first time young Moh and Kevin are doing the show with Neil…and we had donuts and other edibles around the table…it was over before it started

So now that you’re curious to know what happened on the anime talk, honestly Mike is too. In between all of the filler we did briefly remind ourselves about holding Anime North in Toronto’s west end (13:30), further streaming video thoughts including Mike’s initial thoughts about Crunchyroll (17:00), the constant issues of ads on free tiers, a disturbing difference between Crunchyroll searches on both Apple and non Apple devices (36:00), a thought concerning the Japanese businesses mentioned before (56:25), the group’s inital reactions to watching Battleship Tiramisu and the Misinformed YouTube video on anime (1:01:32), Neil’s reaction to the Netflix pick ups mentioned back in episode 6 (1:21:45), upcoming anime theatrical releases (1:30:50), Kevin giving a thought on the end of the Shonen Jump magazine in North America (1:49:20), and a really odd thought about the Marie Kondo phenomenon which Mike knows he’ll talk about a little more in the future (1:51:45)…but right now he really needs to take a candy

Mike Nicolas, Neil Sinclair, James Austin, Mohamed Sharmarke, Kevin Ng

Links of Interest

Mirai at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre on February 17


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After being gone for two months, we begin with Mike giving a first impression of Oomomo, the newest entry in the trend of 100yen shops and Japanese retailers in the Toronto area (4:50). Then we take another look at the Funimation/Crunchyroll split and the broader story of what’s to come in streaming services (16:06). After sparing a thought concerning the Overwatch League (1:01:55), we do the official return of the Bullets Segment (1:06:18). In it we talk about Evangelion and Netflix (1:06:58), the live action Cowboy Bebop and Netflix (1:18:48), the reboot of the Fruits Basket anime (1:33:14), the missed items on the Toronto Anime Community Calendar (1:38:01), the Toronto International Fan Festival (1:51:01), and the Reel Asian Film Festival (1:59:14). Then we end off with some thoughts Fred Patten, John Rogers, and Stan Lee, who all passed away around the same time back in November (2:11:33)

Listeners will no doubt pass out before the end of this episode. The question is will it be because of alcohol poisoning, or boredom

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng, Mohamed Sharmarke

Links of Interest

Oomomo website

ANN article on Gen Funaka’s comments concerning Funimation and Crunchyroll

Vice on the current rise of Bit Torrent usage

Forbes writer on skepticism concerning Netflix

Petition to have original English voices return for Evangelion on Netflix

Screenrant on the casting descriptions for the live action Cowboy Bebop

ANN on the new the new cast of the Fruits Basket anime

Kurara – The Dazzling Life of Houksai’s Daughter at the JCCC

International Fan Festival Toronto

Millie Desserts (the Creperie that was at the Kiki’s Delivery Service presentation)

Actor Yu Lew’s website

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Episode 5 is finally here. And in it, Mike and the younger Mohamed do their best to fend off a nagging cold that Kevin was in the middle of battling. All the while giving their take on Neil and old Mohamed’s July appearance (Yonge Street again, and overseas fandom) (12:53), the September Nerd Market (26:20), the live action Bleach movie (spoiler alert) and why this worked for Mohamed (37:00), Flavors of Youth and why it resonated so much with Kevin (53:28), a quick aside on Aum Shinrikyo (1:09:23), a first blush on the Crunchyroll and Funimation split (1:12:08) along with an interesting rant by Kevin as to his issues with streaming services (1:19:37), and a quick thought on the Kimono documentary (1:33:42) 

Oh and we’ll let you know if Mike or Moh get sick (smart money is on Moh…he was sitting beside Kevin)

Mike Nicolas, Mohamed Shamarke, and Kevin Ng


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Sex Doll Brothel Cancellation in North York

Haruki Murakami on the Aum Shinrikyo Executions

ANN on the Funimation/Crunchyroll split

Yoshimasa Takakura’s First Appearance on NHK World on his One World Kimono Project

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