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Well just something to whet your appetite for the next episode, which will be taped tomorrow. Sharmarke sent this along and I know it’ll come up in the next episode

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Hello Old Friend

March 2 2018…

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Anime North 2010

Stay tuned…

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Since it was brought up extensively in the last few days, here’s Adam’s appearance on BiteTV’s The Surf with The Conventioneers. It was actually really good. It’s actually worth watching the rest of the show too, so check it out.


Also for those of you wondering, Mike will hopefully add the links of interests for the last three episodes within 24 hours…he just needs to find where he put that list…after he’s recovered from his Post Convention Syndrome.

Update: Links of Interest now added for Anime North episodes. Mike is wondering if there’s something he forgot…

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…and the podcast panel at 9pm.

As for the tapings, don’t forget they happen tonight and tomorrow at 11pm in the New York Room in the Doubletree Hotel. Get a sense for how the show looks live, including the stuff that happens when we turn the recorders off. And yes, there will be Pocky and maybe something for whoever listened to Courteney.

And don’t forget we’re still looking for e-mails to Mike’s iPhone. So if you have a question you would like us to try and read on the air: roundtable@thecomicden.com

And if you miss the show, check back here overnight when we put the episode online, and your feeds in the morning before you go off to enjoy the convention.

See you tonight!!

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As the header says.

He’ll be on The Surf tonight with The Conventioneers as they do their Anime North kickoff party. And the best part, IT’S LIVE!!!

Bite TV is available on Rogers Digital Cable ch 322. Or check out their website for more details and tape afterwards.

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A final reminder on the tapings of the Roundtable this weekend at Anime North. We’ll be taping two late night shows on the Friday and Saturday at 11pm in the Doubletree Hotel in Video Room #4 (The New York Room), same place as last year. Maybe with free Pocky too, just like last year.

Don’t forget, we’ll be putting up the episodes here on the website within a few hours of taping, and the feeds will hopefully be updated by morning.

And remember, I’ll be looking for the first guy who listens to Courteney’s third and final piece of convention survival advice. Forgot what it is? Listen to the final insults of episode 19 right here (at about the 59 min mark). There might be a prize.

Also we are doing other stuff that might be of interest as the convention approaches.

– Host Mike Nicolas will be doing a podcasting panel along with Enrico Bianco, and Ron Mandziak (aka DJ City) from The Japan Xperience. We’ll give our tips on podcasting along with stories from our experiences. That’ll be on Friday at 9pm in Panel 3 (The Hamilton Room).

– Following up from our friend and TATANS co-host Brent Chittenden’s appearance on Bite TV, our own Adam Grant will be on it LIVE, on Thursday night at 9pm in the run up to the convention. Check out his appearance on The Surf with The Conventioneers. I know I’ll have my DVR set for this. If your have Rogers Cable its channel 322, or you can check out www.bite.ca for more info. Expect another mention of this tomorrow.

– And while we’re at it Megan will be helping out at the gaming area, while James will be helping out the all night track. Gotta give props to every member right?

Oh and one final thing. We are looking for e-mails on the fly, so if you have something for the panel as the tapings are happening, please e-mail Mike’s iPhone at roundtable@thecomicden.com. If your question is interesting, we’ll put it on the air. And we really hope to make a segment out of it.

See ya at AN!!

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