Mike comes on to test his Yeti mic, tell an HQ story, announce some housecleaning, and details for our Anime North tapings


The return of The Anime Roundtable Canada sadly begins with a serious note, as we share our thoughts on the Yonge Street Attack earlier in the week. Then we try to lighten up the mood looking forward to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and Anime North, with talk on the latter’s Nominoichi Flea Market, and an announcement on the podcast

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Kevin Ng

Mike had certain plans for this episode, but it went off the rails well before we hit the record button

Neil returns for the first time in new the incarnation, and picked up where he left off on his soap box (which basically means buckle up). We talk a little politics, the search for a new fourth mic, the business and medical sides of gaming and the Olympics, and some memories of some of the popular geek spots in Toronto

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Neil Sinclair

The 6ixTalk – Intro

Sometimes you just have to hit the record button. The cold open and introduction. On its 12th anniversary, Mike and James return for the first time in 8 years just to shoot the breeze and reboot the Anime Roundtable into the 6ixTalk

Mike Nicolas, James Austin

Hello Old Friend

March 2 2018…

Breaking Silence

Mike speaks for the first time in almost two years as he looks back on the podcast’s past on the sixth anniversary of the first episode.  He also shares some of his thoughts on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on the eve of the first anniversary, and the offerings of NHK World beyond its news coverage.

Mike Nicolas

Links of Interest

NHK World

Here’s Masayoshi Yamazaki performing One More Time, One More Chance at the Kouhaku Uta Gassen in 2005.

The Music Video for Haru Yo Koi by Yumi Matsutoya.

Anime Roundtable #78

After four months of sitting (and a load of wondering from a few places), here’s the episode taped on May 29th 2010, the second night of Anime North. I am sure plenty is out of date still but some things remain timeless…like issues in the biz, Christopher Handley, our annual appearance by Norm, and the fact that Mike is once again in hiding. Although you may find it interesting when Adam leans on the Lawyer side of his “Hentai Lawyer” title.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Megan Swaine (1:42:10)

*mp3 version currently available. AAC/iPod version to come.

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