Anime Roundtable v2.0 #69 – August 7 2022: Crunchyroll, Right Stuf, and “Culture”

Our first in person episode at the Six Points Studio in more than two years!! We begin by getting everyone elses thoughts on the recent past conventions and the announcements that came out of them. With Mike reposing his Yes/No question from last week’s Space Heater, Kevin’s true thoughts on Manga Up, and the issues…More

Space Heater Chat – July 31 2022: Mic Test #2

James visits the studio for the first time in over two years to help Mike test out the new mics. In it he gives his view on Anime North despite not being able to attend it, then we talk about the three anime conventions happening this weekend (neither of us are attending those either). But…More

On My Mind – July 14 2022: And now a word from Amy

On the eve of Anime North (and the afterglow of PRIDE), one of the regulars has a very important message for the Roundtable listeners and hopefully Anime North attendees too Visit our website for more information and links: Website: Twitter and IG: @animeroundtable Email:  Twitch: YouTube: Discord: More

Space Heater Chat – July 4 2022: Mic Test

Kevin visits Mike to dust off the old microphones and to check their Anime North worthiness. In the process they talk about going into Mike’s vault to find things that might be Nominoichi worthy, and immediate thoughts as Anime Expo begins to wrap up Visit our website for more information and links: Website: Twitter…More

Anime Roundtable v2.0 #66: May 27 2022 – I Miss the Pandemic

We settle back into our first recording of any sort in about a month 7:08 – James and Geoff give their take on the Netflix issues and the current streaming landscape. With a longer discussion about the past and present way of consuming content (both anime and mainstream). Netflix hasn’t been all bad has it?…More

Anime Roundtable v2.0 #65: April 26 2022 – Working Out the Rust

We’re back with the first regular episode in more than a month (and a few weeks since the last time we chatted). And we talk just a little more about Kevin’s LA trip, ice cream there, vacations in general, and a COVID update 26:40 – Yes we had to talk Netflix and their recent downturn.…More