License Pool Update: Post Anime Expo

Yeah I know this is late, but I was actually out there enjoying stuff not necessarily related to anime, like going to Montreal to catch some games at the FIFA U-20 World Cup (moment of silence for the Canadian performance), and their Jazz Festival.

In any event, I did take a look at the scoring from Anime Expo, and it looks like Austin has retaken the lead by a slim margin. All of us got points at AX…some more than others though. Here’s the updated scores:

James Austin: 30
Mohamed Sharmarke: 28
Mike Nicolas: 13
Dean Colak: 8
(Don’t worry Dean, we’ll give you the points on the company concerning Negima!?…although it wasn’t listed)

Still plenty of season to go, and Otakon is coming up soon so we’ll be watching there.

Another update to come. Hopefully a little later today. I should get some beauty sleep first though.


  1. Skwerly says:

    How was the Montreal Jazz fest? Who did you see?

  2. Dean says:

    Ouran got picked up at Otakon/Otacon by Funimation… Everyone got Ouran as being a pickup except me… ><

  3. Skwerly says:

    @Dean: at last you got the Code Geass pick-up, right?

  4. Okina says:

    To be honest Skwerly, I didn’t get the chance to note who I saw at the festival since I only caught a bit of the late acts as I was coming back from the Soccer games at the Big O. And I couldn’t stay too long since I was set to leave early the next morning.

    I’ll tell you though that the atmosphere at both the festival and the games were great. It’s been years since I’ve been to Montreal, and that was only as a quick visit on the way to Quebec City for a field trip. I hope to go back again sometime soon.

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