Anime Roundtable #29

First we start talking about anime titles with multiple series and seasons and why they’re animated in the first place. Second, more on Canadian TV. Then getting more serious, animators and cosplayers forming associations for improved conditions. Finally in the bullets, the Japanese government asking their American counterparts for help in the downloading issue, soldiers who are anime fans, and reactions to more live action announcements.

First foursome in almost a month. And Adam couldn’t be happier.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Angela Jordan, Adam Grant (1:06:30)


Anime Pacific

Anime Roundtable · Anime Roundtable v1.0 #29 – October 25 2007



  1. Skwerly says:

    I dunno…when I think Gundam, first thing I think of is an RX-78.

    As for where CityTV is moving to:

    Oh yeah, imaid cafe new website:

  2. Skwerly says:

    (I had posted the first response before I got to the final part of the podcast)

    To Neil and his family, my sincere condolences.

  3. Okina says:

    For those of you not in Toronto, the proposed new location for CityTV is very close to the Toronto Eaton Centre, the busiest shopping mall in the Downtown area. As a matter of fact, the area is a very well known shopping district. It’s also just off the Ryerson University Campus.

    It certainly fits the “on the street” type mentality that CityTV has become known for. A trend they began when they moved to their current location on Queen St. But obviously it won’t be the same.

    This mentality actually worked well with MuchMusic, but CTV decided to keep MuchMusic. So it’ll remain on Queen St when the time comes.

    As for iMaid Cafe, I’ll confirm that there was a change of management there over the summer. Likely coinciding with the slightly changed look that saw red added to the colour scheme and uniforms. The manager at the time was the guy we had hoped to do the interview with back in May. But obviously that’s no longer on the table.

    I am told that business is still pretty good. But the servers there will still often wear the black outfits. The website that Skwerly mentioned does have a picture of the girls in the red ones. You be the judge on it all. Thanks Skwerly. We’ll talk more about this on Thursday.

    Finally, Neil wrote me back the following words concerning his Father:

    “My Dad was and is surrounded by a lot of wonderful friends and I have found it my luck to follow in his footsteps that way.”.

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