Anime Roundtable #39

We start with Mike helping Adam and Angela complete their Geneon libraries, and look back on Angela’s art exhibit at York University. Then in earnest we wonder about Tekkon Kinkreet’s Oscar worthiness. In the bullets, our first news from Anime North, throwing away Japanese porn being illegal, the “House Where Totoro Lives” being saved, and Tommy Lee Jones in Akihabara.

Somewhere in all of this is Adam’s most outrageous comment said (yet). A prize for the first person who can find it.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Angela Jordan, Adam Grant. (1:06:22)



Links of Interest

Angela Jordan’s Website on devianART

iPod Enhanced/AAC version of episode #16 (Angela’s trip to Japan with slide show in file) on Comic Den’s archive

Anime North Website

Man arrested for dumping porn collection

“House where Totoro Lives” being preserved

Here’s the Tommy Lee Jones Commercial that’s been referred to this week.

Ninja Consultant




  1. Skwerly says:

    Poor Angela. Poor, poor Angela.

  2. eptigo says:

    tommy lee jones????


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